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  • A study in how to determine what God has authorized in His Word. This course is hosted by Roy C. Deaver and includes 9 lessons on 3 DVDs.

  • Three small paper booklets with one lesson in each. These are written by Bobby Bates in a question and answer format. The last page contains a summary of the lessons learned.

  • This is the second seminar in the Pillars of Faith Series and explores the historicity, deity and personality of Christ. It is hosted by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons and includes 6 lessons.

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  • A study of the subject of life after death. It is hosted by Perry Cotham and includes 9 lessons.

  • The Bible story and its message of salvation is connected to a real place and a real time in history. In documentary style, Bible Land Passages brings that message to life by giving context to the stories and lessons of the Bible. With each video, viewers are presented with spiritual truths and  the historical, archaeological, and geographical data that will guide them down a passage to stronger faith and deeper devotion for God. It is hosted by John W. Moore, Rick Brumback, Gary Massey, Jonathan Moore and Dewayne Bryant.  This 226-minute DVD includes English Subtitles.

  • A look at how we received the Bible from God through inspired men. It is hosted by Warren Wilcox and includes 59 lessons (includes Introduction) on 20 DVDs.

  • These 18″x 24″ teaching posters can work well in a classroom, hallway, foyer or any place where Christians and non-Christians gather. They can be placed on the wall, laminated and or framed.

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  • Volume 1 is a 254-page soft-cover book by Menahem Mansoor. This is an introduction to learning the Hebrew language.

  • Understanding the timeline of biblical events from Creation to the Church is necessary to fully appreciate God’s Word. John Hall has developed one of the most valuable timeline studies depicting the history of humanity. This ten-lesson DVD program makes a great study, and you will enjoy the information-rich lessons packed with beautiful graphics to help the viewer better visualize the material. It includes 2 DVDs.

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  • This program is taught by and intended for women. How can you show that everyone has value? How can you avoid feeling invisible? What risks will you take to have a close friend? Why must you learn how to express love? How can you encourage another person and forge meaningful connections?  When is the right time to open your eyes and reach out to some soul? Doritta McDaniel Johnson will show you how to stretch out your hands and seek cords of love that cannot be broken.  It includes 7 lessons on 2 DVDs.

  • A Faith-Based Movie


    New: Remastered and with Spanish Subtitles

    Bound to the world.     Bound to man.     Bound to God.

  • This material is PRACTICAL, PRACTICAL, PRACTICAL for parents who need plain advice. It is hosted by Glenn Colley and includes 2 lessons on 1 DVD. The DVD contains the lesson interpreted into American Sign Language (ASL) by Michael Fehmer.


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  • A course to help you understand the different audiences of people that will visit your website and how to minister to each. It is hosted by Michael Hite and includes 5 lessons on 1 DVD.

  • Many people believe the Ten Commandments represent God’s law for mankind today. Others argue that the Ten Commandments represent a portion of God’s old law that is no longer binding. This course is an in-depth study to answer the question “Should Christians keep the Sabbath and the Ten Commandments?”. William Chen opens the word of God and answers this important question. This 50-minute program is taught in Mandarin Chinese language, with both Traditional and Simplified versions , on 1 DVD.

  • More than anything, Satan wants to get a foothold in your marriage and your family. If the Devil does, he can break hearts and destroy lives –  and there may well be tragic eternal consequences. Christ-Centered Home puts the emphasis where every marriage and family desperately needs it, on Jesus Himself! It is hosted by Mike Vestal and includes 2 lessons on 1 DVD. The DVD includes English Subtitles.

    Mix & Match available with other Volume Deals
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  • An extensive course on Christian evidences designed for Bible schools and the serious student. It is hosted by Warren Wilcox and includes 28 lessons on 11 DVDs.

  • Through sports many Christians have found ways to let their lights shine so that God may be glorified. Whether as an athlete, coach, parent, spectator or official, Christians must be the ones who show the way to proper behavior at sporting events. But beware! Satan has found ways to use sports to ensnare and destroy Christians and their influence. Join us as we emphasize Biblical passages that help us to understand our responsibilities toward God while we are engaged in athletics. It is hosted by Kevin Rutherford and includes 3 lessons on 1 DVD.

  • A course designed to teach the facts of church history in their timeframe. It is hosted by Wayne Burger and includes 40 lessons on 13 DVDs.

  • This course takes up where Church History left off at 1500 A.D. It is the history of the men and the movements they started. The first section focuses on the Reformation movement and the second section on the Restoration Movement. The course covers the advancements and the shortfalls of both movements as well as drawing the biblical  distinction between the two movements. It is hosted by Chuck Horner and it includes 18 lessons on 5 DVDS.

  • A study designed to help one deal effectively with the issues of life. It is hosted by Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl and includes 30 lessons on 10 DVDs.


    October 30th – November 5th


  • This series of discussions are designed to assist elders and ministers in providing basic counseling skills to assist others: knowing when to obtain help, knowing what to do in crisis situations and becoming more comfortable in discussing the problems individuals may present. It is hosted by Dr. Stephen B. Springer, LPC, CPM and includes 10 lessons on 2 DVDs.

  • This new USB flashdrive contains over 19,000 pages of material including notes for every book of the Bible, a large variety of topical studies, numerous books, sermon outlines, and teaching posters making this a valuable resource. The entire notes are contained within an Adobe PDF Portfolio and can be used with computers, tablets, and phones that have Adobe PDF Reader installed. A new Help Menu explains how to navigate the notes and suggestions on how to get the most out of them. This USB now includes a new PDF with over 740 teaching articles by Carl Garner! USBs work in both MAC and PC formats.

  • A course designed to help you understand the concepts and techniques needed to use visual presentations better. It is hosted by Michael Hite and includes 9 lessons.

  • This 207-page spiral-bound book by Bert Thompson presents information regarding the controversial topic of origins. The purpose of this book is to both to challenge, and to answer, many of the false views and compromises concerning the Genesis account of God’s Creation.