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  • This program on relatively unknown men in the Bible is a 12-lesson study on living God’s way. Super-power your faith with a look at these intriguing men in the Bible as Wanda Robinson answers the question, “Who is that guy?”  This includes 12 lessons on 3-DVDs in one album box.

  • Join Gary Massey, minister and attorney, as he looks at two topics from a legal perspective. First follow Gary through the context of the Judgment Day as compared to court proceedings. Then study a Christian’s responsibility to government.  This 1 DVD includes 2 lessons and 1 bonus short video. This DVD includes English Subtitles. Available in Album Box only as of July 2023.

  • New Release. This is an in-depth verse by verse study of Luke. This course is hosted by Russell Haffner and includes 32 lessons on 8 DVDs. (Produced in 2020)

  • Do miracles exist today? How do grace, faith, and works come into play for mankind’s salvation? What is providence and how does God provide for us today? All of these profound questions are addressed from God’s Word in the succinct and intriguing program. Join Don Blackwell in revealing what the Bible says on these topics. This DVD includes 3 lessons along with Bonus Content: “Who Is the Holy Spirit?”, “Was I Born a Sinner?”, and “The Sinner’s Prayer”. This DVD includes English Subtitles.

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  • This series of Advanced Lessons by Rob Whitacre supplements his first series titled, Personal Evangelism Seminar. After gaining a working knowledge of basic personal evangelism principles, these advanced lessons will deepen your understanding and help improve your skills to become more effective in reaching the lost. This DVD includes 6 lessons.

  • Are you prepared for heaven? In traveling the road of life, Christians are faced with everyday issues that can trouble their minds. In this six-lesson, Gospel meeting program, Don Blackwell deals with challenging issues to help us prepare for heaven: Overcoming Negativity, Dealing with Anger, Where Do We Go When We Die? and more. This DVD includes 6 lessons on 2 DVDs. Over 3 hours of material!

  • Quite often we are challenged to answer questions of spiritual importance when there is little time to research the subject. Even if we have the time, we may not know where to look for the answers. In this 288-page Softcover book V. Glenn McCoy goes through some of the most often asked questions regarding Christianity and encourages the reader to a personal, deeper study.

  • This DVD is designed to teach a wayward member of the Lord’s church about their need and responsibility to return to their first love before it is everlastingly too late. It is hosted by Jim Dearman and includes 2 lessons on 1 DVD.   The DVD includes English Subtitles and contains the lessons interpreted into American Sign Language (ASL) by Michael Fehmer.

  • Helping women grow in their textual and topical studies. Join Doritta Johnson in two unique studies as she takes a closer look at the life of one incredible woman through scripture and what it means for women to live as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. This includes 8 lessons on 2 DVDs.

  • All the Online Bible School courses in your hand on one hard drive with 955 videos from 46 programs of great bible teaching material. This hard drive is equivalent to roughly 318 DVDs valued over $3,800. (Version 9 May 2024)

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  • This program is taught by and intended for women. Do you have an in-the-trenches buddy? Who do you trust to keep your secrets? How does the Lord provide for your survival against the illness that sets up residence in your body? What enables you to face consequences of past sins? Open your heart to the possibilities within your grasp to make a difference to those who need you. Brenda Poarch will help you open your bible to find the way to make it happen. This study includes 9 lessons and 1 bonus lesson on 2 DVDs.

  • The word of God is clear that we are called to “sing and make melody” (Ephesians 5:19). But does it matter “how” we sign? Is there an expectation from God regarding the “melody” we make? These lessons from “Singing with the Spirit” are designed to admonish those who strive to walk with God. We can know how to make melody in our hearts and how to better sing the psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Perhaps it all starts when we come to sing with the understanding as much as we sing with the spirit (1 Corinthians 14:15). It is hosted by Myron Bruce and includes 11 lessons on 2 DVDs.

  • This new DVD “El Plan De Dios (The Plan of God)” includes the following programs:

    Where do we go when we die?; Why are there so many churches?; What must I do to be Saved?; Heaven; Hell; Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage; and the Sinner’s Prayer.

    All these programs originally taught by Don Blackwell are now available in Spanish translated and taught by Marlon Retana. This DVD includes 7 lessons and Spanish subtitles.

  • All Spanish Bible School courses and topical programs in your hand on one hard drive with 257 videos from 33 programs of great Bible teaching material. This hard drive is equivalent to roughly 86 DVDs valued at about $1,030. (Version 10 May 2024)

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  • These four beautiful teaching cards, “The Gospel Enacted”, “God’s Spiritual House”, “Where do we go when we die?”, and “The Ten Commandments?” are now available in Spanish “El Acto del Evangelio-El Simbolismo del Evangelio”, La Casa Espiritual de Dios “LA IGLESIA”, “¿Donde Vamos cuando morimos?” and “¿Los Diez Mandamientos?” designed for the Lord’s Church to handout to neighbors, friends and strangers; to help teach them about His Church and His death, burial, and resurrection. A small card that teaches vital information to the lost. Size 4 x 6 in.

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    Available in English or Spanish
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  • This valuable program can be used by your congregation to teach your community who the Lord’s Church is, and why it must be the Church of their choice. The program includes an excellent 14-minute video showing the identifying marks of the church from God’s Word. The dedicated website also provides deeper Bible studies, along with ways for visitors to seek further help.

    These physical materials are convenient ways for the entire congregation to help in inviting the community to learn about the Lord’s church. Door Hangers, Invitation Cards, and Advertising Cards are available where you can add your congregation’s information in the Contact Us section.

  • The world in which we live makes many demands on our lives. Which are the most important demands, and which should we ignore? The Bible provides a clear focus for the Christian’s life, helping to understand what to do and why. Join Bill Watkins in looking at “The Crux of the Matter,”  which includes 7 lessons on 1 DVD.

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  • This 37-page booklet presents “The Kingdom” in story form, taking the reader from Creation to the establishment of the Church. The primary purpose of this booklet is for it to be given to someone who has very little knowledge of God or the Bible, especially those who either grew up in a non-religious family, or who grew up in a religious but non-Christian background.

    >> Click here to preview Chapter 1. <<

    The hope is that after a prospect has read the booklet they would have adequate knowledge to engage in a personal Bible study with someone. “The Kingdom” booklet is designed and published for use by the Lord’s Church in its evangelism efforts. Size of Booklet: 5.5 x 8.5

  • “Piece by piece” this study will put together each book of the Bible to form a beautiful picture of the cross.  Follow along as Rob Whitacre simplifies the Old and New Testament, revealing the redemptive message of Jesus in each book. The DVD includes 4 lessons on 1 DVD and English Subtitles.

    Mix & Match available with other Volume Deals
    Buy 20 or more for $2.00 each

  • What is an elder? What are the qualifications to serve in this capacity? What is a congregation to do if it doesn’t have qualified men? In this series of lessons,  Don Blackwell and Glenn Colley sit down with open Bibles and answer these important questions. It includes 4 lessons on 1 DVD. Each lesson approximately 30 minutes in length.

  • This 126-page, softcover book  makes a wonderful teaching tool for the subjects: Tattoos, Gambling, Drinking, Dancing, Lying, Modesty, Pornography, Marriage Divorce and Remarriage, and What Must I Do To be Saved? by Don Blackwell. 2019 Version – Changed to black and white interior pages instead of color. 

    E-book available for Amazon Kindle.

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  • All of the WVBS topical videos that are online and on DVDs with 1,101 videos from 126 programs. This hard drive is equivalent to 367 DVDs valued at over $4,400.

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  • All of the WVBS topical videos that are online and on DVDs with 763 videos from 123 programs. This hard drive is equivalent to 254 DVDs valued at about $3,050 . (New Version 10)

    “Topical Video Hard Drive B” includes English
    and the following foreign languages:
      Ki-Swahili, & Indian Languages.

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