The Church of Your Choice

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This valuable program can be used by your congregation to teach your community who the Lord’s Church is, and why it must be the Church of their choice. The program includes an excellent 14-minute video showing the identifying marks of the church from God’s Word. The dedicated website also provides deeper Bible studies, along with ways for visitors to seek further help.

These physical materials are convenient ways for the entire congregation to help in inviting the community to learn about the Lord’s church. Door Hangers, Invitation Cards, and Advertising Cards are available where you can add your congregation’s information in the Contact Us section.


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The Church of Your Choice

Video Synopsis (14 minutes):

Are you looking for a church? With so many churches, how do you choose? You may have heard the advice, “choose the church of your choice.” What does this mean, and is it good advice? Join Jim Lloyd as he considers what “choosing a church” means from the Bible’s perspective, and how you can identify the church for which Jesus died.



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The Church of Your Choice
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