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  • A study in how to determine what God has authorized in His Word. This course is hosted by Roy C. Deaver and includes 9 lessons on 3 DVDs.

  • A thorough study of the Greek Language. It is hosted by John Moore and includes 35 lessons on 13 DVDs. There is also an audio CD available for alphabet and vocabulary pronunciation.

  • This is an introductory study of the Hebrew language which was used in writing the Old Testament. It is hosted by Denny Petrillo and includes 18 lessons on 6 DVDs.

  • This is an in-depth study of biblical hermeneutics (principles of Bible interpretation). Much attention will be given to the practical application of the rules and methods involved. It is hosted by Lindell Mitchell and includes 21 lessons on 7 DVDs.

  • The Bible is a complex library of 66 books, and for the newcomer it may seem overwhelming. These 66 books tell a Story. The Story is told using different kinds of literature: narrative, poetry, proverbs, parable, satire, etc. This study is a simple introduction to the different kinds of literature, and provides strategies for reading. The aim is to encourage the reader to read their Bible without being overwhelmed. This is a great study for any Bible reader. It is hosted by Steven Lloyd and includes 10 lessons on 3 DVDs.

  • A discussion of the importance and proper use of logic. It is hosted by Mac Deaver and includes 9 lessons on 3 DVDs.