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  • The “Bible Lands Museum” DVD includes 12 programs that provide viewers an opportunity to see and hear about artifacts (both genuine and reproduction) from the lands of the Bible. As Director, Bob Stancell, guides viewers through a study of many historical artifacts that are part of the Bible Lands Museum collection in Sandy, Oregon.

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  • This powerful, new presentation exposes what the founding fathers really said and wrote. The viewer will see, written in their own words, what these men believed and said regarding God and this nation. A sequel to the Silencing of God. It is hosted by Dave Miller, Ph.D., and includes 8 lessons on 1 DVD.
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  • The Bible story and its message of salvation is connected to a real place and a real time in history. In documentary style, Bible Land Passages brings that message to life by giving context to the stories and lessons of the Bible. With each video, viewers are presented with spiritual truths and  the historical, archaeological, and geographical data that will guide them down a passage to stronger faith and deeper devotion for God. It is hosted by John W. Moore, Rick Brumback, Gary Massey, Jonathan Moore and Dewayne Bryant.  This 226-minute DVD includes English Subtitles.

  • Bible Lands Package
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  • Nestled deep within the heartland of the West Bank in Israel lies the biblical city of Shiloh; the place where God’s tent of meeting was located for over 300 years. In this documentary you will see an analysis of exciting discoveries, on-site archaeological processes, and faith-building lessons. It is hosted by John Moore. This 35-minute DVD also includes 25 minutes of extra features.

  • Understanding the timeline of biblical events from Creation to the Church is necessary to fully appreciate God’s Word. John Hall has developed one of the most valuable timeline studies depicting the history of humanity. This ten-lesson DVD program makes a great study, and you will enjoy the information-rich lessons packed with beautiful graphics to help the viewer better visualize the material. It includes 2 DVDs.

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  • A course designed to teach the facts of church history in their timeframe. It is hosted by Wayne Burger and includes 40 lessons on 13 DVDs.

  • This course takes up where Church History left off at 1500 A.D. It is the history of the men and the movements they started. The first section focuses on the Reformation movement and the second section on the Restoration Movement. The course covers the advancements and the shortfalls of both movements as well as drawing the biblical  distinction between the two movements. It is hosted by Chuck Horner and it includes 18 lessons on 5 DVDS.

  • An excellent brief study of the Restoration Movement in the United States. It is hosted by Wesley Simons and includes 4 hours of study.

  • “A must see for every American” The Dismantling of America’s Christian Heritage. It is hosted by Dave Miller and includes approximately 4 hours of eye opening material.


    Mix & Match available with other Volume Deals
    Buy 20 or more for $2.25 each