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Topical Video Programs Hard Drive B

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All of the WVBS topical videos that are online and on DVDs with 653 videos from 104 programs. This hard drive is equivalent to 218 DVDs valued at about $2,600.

“Topical Video Hard Drive B” includes English
and the following foreign languages:
  Ki-Swahili, & Indian Languages.

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Topical Hard Drive B – Version 8 (programs 2017 and after)

All of the WVBS topical videos that are online and on DVDs with 653 videos from 104 programs. Equivalent to  218 DVDs of great Bible teaching material.

 Topical Video Programs B Number of Videos
5 Reasons Racism is Ridiculous 1
A Call for New Testament Christianity 7
Abounding in Hope 7
An Interview with Satan 1
Are the Jews God’s People Today? 1
Believe the Bible       New 3
Beyond the Stars 15
Bible Land Passages: Connections   New Content 16
Bible Land Passages: Volume 1 10
Bible Land Passages: Volume 2 10
Bible Land Passages: Volume 3 10
Bible Lands Museum 22
Biblical Hope after Miscarriage 1
Biblical Timeline 10
Children’s Video Bible Stories 3
Christian Growth     New Content 5
Christians and Sports 3
Christians and the Government 1
Church History 2 18
Congregational Evangelism: Personal Studies: Back to the Bible  New 4
Congregational Evangelism: Personal Studies: Believe the Bible   New 3
Congregational Evangelism: Personal Studies: Does It Matter?     New 6
Congregational Evangelism: Plan   New 2
Congregational Evangelism: Practice   New 7
Congregational Evangelism: Principles   New 5
Creation – His Story Our Story 1
Creation and Evolution 4
Creation Questions 4
Crisis and the Creator 14
Death of a Child (Uvalde Tragedy) 1
Debate – Public Discussion on Eternal Security 4
Dismantling Evolution Seminar 7
Does It Matter? 6
Drawn Toward God   New Content 6
Drawn Toward God: Bible Class Version   New Content 6
Emerging Church 3
God Made Series 2
God’s Plan for Saving Man   New Content 5
How to Read the Bible 12
How We Got the Bible 10
Internet Search Campaign: Search Bible Archaeology 2
Internet Search Campaign: Search Bible Topics 3
Internet Search Campaign: Search Christianity and the Church 4
Internet Search Campaign: Search Creation and Evolution 5
Is COVID-19 a Sign of the End Times? 1
Is Everyone Going to Heaven?   New 1
Is the Bible Contradictory? 11
Judgment Day – Jesus Our Attorney 2
Learning about Baptism 3
Learning about the Godhead 3
Light of the World: Season 1 20
Light of the World: Season 2 33
Light of the World: Season 3   New 26
Man’s Purpose 4
Men’s Training Course 6
Miracles, Grace, and Providence 5
Overcoming Pornography 1
Pray for Your Country 1
Preparing for Heaven 6
Proof for God: Evidence for God 9
Proof for God: Evidence for Jesus 7
Proof for God: Evidence for the Bible 8
Providence 16
Qualifications of Elders 4
Quarantined Worship 1
Sermons by Neal Pollard – Volume 4 25
Singing with the Spirit 11
Social Media Evangelism 1
Soul and Spirit 1
Suicide   New 1
The Crux of the Matter 7
The Kingdom and End Times 3
The Old and New Testament Simplified 4
The Sinner’s Prayer 1
The Truth About the Apocrypha and the Lost Books of the Bible 3
Time, Evolution, and the Bible 14
Understanding Jesus 10
Video Bible Study 2
What God Hates 1
Why God? 14
Why Jesus?   New Content 20
Will My Pet Be in Heaven?   New 1
Women’s Studies: Are You a Pearl Seeker? 2
Women’s Studies: Bind Us Together 7
Women’s Studies: Finding the Time 2
Women’s Studies: God’s Hardest Commands 6
Women’s Studies: Intriguing Men of the Bible 14
Women’s Studies: Is Sin Fun? 1
Women’s Studies: Ruth 4
Women’s Studies: Sacrificial Love 2
Women’s Studies: Side-by-Side 9
Women’s Studies: The Girl for My Son   New 6
Women’s Studies: The Kingdom of Heaven 4
Women’s Studies: We Believe What We Sing   New 2
Women’s Studies: Woman to Woman – Marriage Matters 2
Wonders of Creation   New Content 24
Additional Languages: Ki-Swahili (Included on Top B v. 7) Number of Videos
Swahili – What Must I Do To Go To Heaven 1
Swahili – Where Do We Go When We Die 3
Swahili – Why Are There So Many Churches 1
Additional Languages: Indian Languages (Included on Top B v. 7) Number of Videos
Tamil – Where Do We Go When We Die   New 1
Tamil – What Must I Do to Be Saved   New 1
Telugu – What Must I Do To Be Saved 1
Telugu – Where Do We Go When We Die 3

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