Restoration History Tour: Retracing the Steps 2-DVD Set

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An excellent brief study of the Restoration Movement in the United States. It is hosted by Wesley Simons and includes 4 hours of study on 2 DVDs.



This is an excellent brief study of the Restoration Movement. At the beginning of disc one, Wesley Simons gives a snapshot view of some of the important men in this historical study. He is joined by Paul Vaughn, Lawrence Williamson, Kenneth Miller, Terry Jones and other historians in taking the viewers on a tour of important sites that helped frame the return to the Bible in America.

You will see where the men and women of this era lived, worked, died and are buried. You will walk where they walked. You will be thrilled as you see the triumphs and victories these dear souls gained over the darkness of man-made religions and creeds. Your heart will be saddened as you see those who chose to stay in error or return to spiritual darkness.

These DVDs are designed to remind us that many paid a high price for their pursuit of truth. While we appreciate their endeavors and dedication, the Bible alone must be our standard. May the fire that burned in these individuals set ablaze the same hungering and thirsting for truth in our lives. If these DVDs can help do that in both your life and ours, then our time was well spent.

These DVDs feature author & historian Ann Bevins, curators Robert Steffer, Dr. Drake, and others as special guests.

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Restoration History Tour: Retracing the Steps 2-DVD Set