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  • 2019 Version – Changed to black and white interior pages instead of color. This 132-page, softcover book  makes a wonderful teaching tool for the subjects: Tattoos, Gambling, Drinking, Dancing, Lying, Modesty, Pornography, Marriage Divorce and Remarriage, and What Must I Do To be Saved? by Don Blackwell.


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    Men in the Making,
    The Truth About…Moral Issues,
    Searching for Truth and Songs of Deliverance



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    Good & Evil, The House,
    The Messenger, One Nation Under God,
    The Speaker, Transformed



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  • The most important book in the world must be handled with precision and understanding. Engage this valuable resource tool to better know the God of the Bible

  • Three small paper booklets with one lesson in each. These are written by Bobby Bates in a question and answer format. The last page contains a summary of the lessons learned.

  • Volume 1 is a 254-page soft-cover book by Menahem Mansoor. This is an introduction to learning the Hebrew language.

  • A study designed to help one deal effectively with the issues of life. It is hosted by Steven Lloyd and Don Ruhl and includes 30 lessons on 10 DVDs.


  • This 207-page spiral-bound book by Bert Thompson presents information regarding the controversial topic of origins. The purpose of this book is to both to challenge, and to answer, many of the false views and compromises concerning the Genesis account of God’s Creation.

  • This is a 148 page soft-cover book written by Bobby Bates to encourage and motivate Christians in the art of evangelism.

  • This 33-page spiral-bound book by Dr. Bert Thompson presents information regarding the biblical Flood as an historical event. It discusses the global nature of the Flood, specifics of the Flood accounts and skeptics’ attacks on the Flood account.

  • A haunting story of choices and consequences, darkness and light, and two men leading two very different lives. This 104-page soft-cover book is a faith-based Christian fiction written by Lacey Deaver. See what others have to say under Books Reviews below.



    E-book available from various online book stores. See the following page for links: http://www.wvbs.org/index.php/books/ebooks.html

  • This is a 88-page soft-cover book by Roy C. Deaver. In it he presents various methods of how one can get the most out of Bible Study, including how to study by topic, character, passage, word, book, chapter, thought and paragraph. Also treated are rules of interpretation and the proper attitude of the Bible student. It can be used with or without the DVDs.

  • Same program, now repackaged with new cover art on a single DVD. Many scholars today claim the Bible has missing books, has books included which do not belong, and that the Bible was not accurately transmitted (copied) or translated. This four-part series by Denny Petrillo, Ph.D.,  takes a factual look at the evidence on how we got the Bible. It will address the tough questions regarding the origin, the canon, the transmission and the translation of the Bible into English.

  • This 248-page spiral bound book is the expanded edition by David Alan Black. This book is required for the Greek DVD classes.

  • Lessons designed to help women learn what the Bible teaches about being a godly wife. The student workbook and teacher’s manual are written by Patsy Loden.

  • This 256-page paperback book edited by Shawn D. Mathis includes essays from 30 preachers, who share their insights into the life and work of the minister. Yet this volume speaks to more than just preachers–it speaks to all of us. We are all ministers of the gospel and called to be men and women of God.

  • New Design! The authors have endeavored to equip young men with biblical information and practical knowledge they need to deal with tough issues like honor, godliness, purity, sex, and being a real man of God. This 92-page soft-cover book provides a framework that helps every young man from 12 to 20 years old learn to honor the older, protect the weak, overcome sexual temptation, control their tongues, and stand for the Truth. This book is written by Kyle Butt, Stan Butt, Jr., and J.D. Schwartz.


  • This is a 62-page spiral bound workbook by Denny Petrillo. It contains special charts, theme sheets and study questions on the Minor Prophets.

  • This 109-page softcover book is a fictional story by Rudy Cain and is written by Elizabeth Turner Beall. This is a powerful story about God’s providence for His nation and His people. A story that could come out of today’s news and could happen tomorrow, a story with its pages full of mystery and suspense.


    E-book available from various online book stores. See the following page for links: http://www.wvbs.org/index.php/books/ebooks.html

  • This 359-page hardback book by V. Glenn McCoy is designed to provide a history of the restoration movement.

  • This is a three-part series by Dr. Bert Thompson. The first part in the series concentrates on how to build a biblical faith based on evidence. The second part concentrates on how to sustain a biblical faith. The third part concentrates on how to defend a Biblical faith.

  • Written by John Moore, this study guide is a 112-page, 8.5” x 11” soft cover, full-color, bound book. It is nearly the word-for-word text of the Searching for Truth DVD.
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  • This is a 106-page soft-cover study book authored by Debra Griffin Mitchell. This is an in-depth examination of portions of God’s word that you probably haven’t studied before, and considers the responses of God’s people when He answered their prayers and delivered them from trials and tribulations.

    Songs of Deliverance receives 5-star review
    (see below for the Readers’ Favorite review)

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  • This 132-page Spanish workbook by Troy Spradlin makes a great follow-up book to the Spanish Buscando La Verdad study guide. With 25 lessons, this 8 1/2″x11″ book is filled with great studies, questions, and charts.