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A haunting story of choices and consequences, darkness and light, and two men leading two very different lives. This 104-page soft-cover book is a faith-based Christian fiction written by Lacey Deaver. See what others have to say under Books Reviews below.



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This 104-page Novel Makes A Great Evangelistic Teaching Tool
For Friends, Family and Co-workers


A haunting story of choices and consequences, darkness and light, and two men leading two very different lives.

One man is a ruthless, calculating businessman who has successfully built up a corporate empire on the backs of those he has trod into the dust to achieve his goals. Unwavering and dedicated in his career, Jack Krantz knows the ins and outs of the business world, but ignores the emptiness in his own heart. He will do anything to reach his definition of success, including swindling his ex-partner and friend, Tyler Emerson, out of his livelihood. Bowed by sorrow and beleaguered with financial worries, as well as caring for his sister in the home they have been threatened to lose, Tyler watches as not only his life crumbles around him, but his old friend is losing his soul.

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”
~Mark 8:36


 5star flat web          “Good & Evil was very different in a very good way. I was totally caught up by both sides – liking one and being disappointed for the other. The story could have been a standalone but the bible quotes made it so much more realistic. I found myself wanting to help Tyler and witness to Jack because Lacey Deaver made it seem so real. Whether or not you believe in God, this is a great book, pitting good against evil in man and how it can play out. Do not pass up Good & Evil; it is an inspiration.” Readers’ Favorite Review


Good & Evil, a spiritual, fictional story conceived by Rudy Cain and written by Lacey Deaver will intrigue and unsettle you.  I read half in bed one night, and woke the next morning reaching for it to find where the plot would take me. Its plot that will shadow your thoughts long after you’ve put it down. The characters are well defined and Lacey’s descriptive skills will have your imagination working overtime. While it would be inappropriate for me to tell you how they story ends, I can tell you that it’s gripping and that you won’t see it coming! This is a great book and I’m ready for more from the Deaver/Cain team.

~Glenn Colley


I recommend Good & Evil to Christians for their personal reading, and also to give to people in the world to cause them to think of the eternal issues and perhaps open the door to a Bible study with them. some members of the church may have a problem with the appearance of the good and bad angels, but they should keep in mind that the Bible has much to say about angels, both good and bad. They should also remember that Good & Evil is a work of fiction. It is not the Bible, but I am persuaded its teachings are in harmony with the Bible.

~ Rod Rutherford


In Good & Evil, Lacey does a great job of putting skin on the spiritual concepts of good and evil. In the process, she entertains and captivates.

~Kyle Butt


Good & Evil  is truly a masterpiece – as well as a thought provoking tool for providing the gospel message in a way that holds the reader in rapt attention and gives him food for thought thereafter! It has the potential to reaching an audience of those who need it most (unbelievers) if marketed properly or if passed along to unsaved friends and family.

~Amy L. Carnes


Not knowing exactly what to expect, I was a bit hesistant about reading Good & Evil. This world contains so much evil that I usually do not enjoy reading books describing more evil. However I was pleasantly surpised as I read this book. Lacey has the ability in her writing NOT to exalt evil, rather to exalt the good, even as evil temporarily appears to bring one a better life. It became obvious almost immediately how much better is the “good life”. The story line quickly held my interest to the end, and I wished for a longer story! The powerful use of God’s word makes this great for non-Christians.

~Dena Ivie





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