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Door Hanger: The Church of Your Choice (250 Ct)

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Fall is a great time to evangelize in your neighborhood! With thought provoking questions as well as website and QR code, these door hangers are designed to direct a person to the corresponding video. Your congregation or individual member may provide contact information (email recommended) at the bottom of each hanger to encourage your prospect to reach out. (Each package contains 250 door hangers.)

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How Do
You Choose?

This short program will help you identify the church of the Bible.


Synopsis of Video

The Church of Your Choice –

Are you looking for a church? With so many churches, how do you choose? You may have heard the advice, “choose the church of your choice.” What does this mean, and is it good advice? Join Jim Lloyd as he considers what “choosing a church” means from the Bible’s perspective, and how you can identify the church for which Jesus died.

What is a QR Barcode?

QR Code This type of barcode is called a QR code. If you have a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) then QR codes are a quick way to navigate to content, such as a website.


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Door Hanger: The Church of Your Choice (250 Ct)
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