Truth About…Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Album Box DVD

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The Biblical view of marriage, divorce and remarriage and its eternal consequences. It is hosted by Don Blackwell and includes a 34-minute lesson on 1 DVD.  The DVD includes English Subtitles and contains the lesson interpreted into American Sign Language (ASL) by Michael Fehmer. Available in Album Box only as of May 2022.

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The Biblical View of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
and Its Eternal Consequences

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With many marriages ending in divorce, to say that a study of the subject is needed is an understatement. Most people don’t know what God has to say about divorce, and many don’t care. In this study, Don Blackwell delves into a crucial topic that is affecting the very fabric of our society. If you are considering divorce or you know someone who is, please don’t go any farther until you watch this video. Be sure that you understand what God has to say on this subject of eternal consequence.

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Truth About…Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Album Box DVD