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Topical Video Programs Hard Drive A

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All of the WVBS topical videos that are online and on DVDs with 1,101 videos from 126 programs. This hard drive is equivalent to 367 DVDs valued at over $4,400.

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Topical Video Programs Hard Drive A -Version 5.0 (programs prior to 2017)

All of the WVBS topical videos that are online and on DVDs with 1,101 videos from 126 programs. This hard drive is equivalent to 367 DVDs of great Bible teaching material.

 Topical Video Programs A Number of Videos
A Woman’s Choice 1
Abortion – A Woman’s Right 2
America’s Most Pressing Concern 8
Angels 14
Answering Atheism 6
Ascertaining Bible Authority 9
Authority of Elders 3
Behold the Lamb of God 6
Beyond the Sunset 9
Bound 1
Building Great Kids 2
Christ-Centered Home 2
Church History 40
Context – Pretext and Summary of Galatians 2
Coping with Problems 30
Debate – Butt-Barker – Does the God of the Bible Exist? 1
Debate – Butt-Ehrman – Pain, Suffering, and God’s Existence 1
Debate – Butt-Scott – God Does Not Exist 1
Debate – Catholic Church (Pottsville, Pennsylvania) 3
Debate – Cauley-Barker – Ethics 1
Debate – Homosexuality and Christianity 4
Debate – Laws-Shoenig – Does the God of the Bible Exist 2
Debate – Public Discussion of Water Baptism 4
Debate – Warren-Flew – Existence of God 12
Debate – Warren-Flew 20th Anniversary Interview 1
Denominational Doctrines 36
Eldership 6
Evil, Pain, and Suffering 1
Evolution is Religion – Not Science 6
Examples of Conversion 12
Fundamentals of the Faith 81
Godhead 48
God’s Kingdom 5
God’s Plan for Marriage & Family 3
Gospel Preachers Living History Series (Adron Doran, Andrew Connally, Avon Malone, Bill Hearn, Bill Nicks, Buster Dobbs, Clarence DeLoach, Curtis Cates, Earl Edwards, Ed Crookshank, Garland Elkins, George Bailey, Guss Eoff, JA McNutt, Jackie Stearsman, James Meadows, Johnny Ramsey, Marshall Keeble, Maxie B. Boren, Norman Starling, Perry B. Cotham, Robert Taylor, Rod Rutherford, Roy C. Deaver, Roy Hearn, Skip Andrews, Thomas B. Warren, Wendell Winkler) 58
Has the Bible Been Corrupted? 9
Homiletics 1 23
Homiletics 2 17
In the Fullness of Time 3
In the News Videos (Short Videos) 4
Internet Search Campaign: Search God 5
Internet Search Campaign: Search Heaven and Hell 3
Internet Search Campaign: Search Jesus 2
Internet Search Campaign: Search Jesus and Homosexuality 1
Internet Search Campaign: Search Prayer 4
Internet Search Campaign: Search Premillennialism 9
Intertestamental Period 24
Intertestamental Period Introduction 3
Is Mormonism from God? 5
Is the Bible from God? 6
Is the Bible Reliable? 10
Islam, the Quran and Christianity 8
Jeremiah & Lamentations Overview 3
Journey Through the New Testament 9
Journey Through the Old Testament 4
Killing of Jesus 2
Logic 9
Managing Media in Our Homes 2
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage 18
Millennial Mania 15
My God and His Money 6
One True Church 18
Out with Doubt 13
Parables of Jesus 27
Pleasing God in Worship 6
Prayer 6
Reality of Noah’s Ark 4
Restoration History Tour 2
Returning to Truth 2
Russian – Searching for Truth 6
Saved Without a Doubt 1
Science vs Evolution 8
Searching for Truth 6
Separation of Church and State 1
Sermon on the Mount 19
Sermons by George Bailey 6
Sermons by Jim Dearman 4
Sermons by Kyle Butt 2
Sermons by Mike Vestal – Christianity 101 8
Sermons by Mike Vestal – Great Bible Themes 8
Sermons by Mike Vestal – Lost 8
Sermons by Neal Pollard – How to be Complete in Christ 11
Sermons by Neal Pollard – Volume 1 32
Sermons by Neal Pollard – Volume 2 10
Sermons by Neal Pollard – Volume 3 17
Sermons by Wesley Simons 8
Sex: Are You Interested? 2
Should We Disfellowship? 1
Silencing of God 5
Song of Solomon – God’s Guidebook to a Happily Ever After 6
Spotlight on the Word – New Testament 16
Spotlight on the Word – Old Testament 23
Story of Moses 3
Study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians 22
The End of Time 24
The Ten Commandments 3
The Thief on the Cross 1
The Truth About Angels 3
The Truth About Christmas 1
The Truth About Dressing to Worship 1
The Truth About Marriage Divorce Remarriage 1
The Truth About Moral Issues 9
The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage 1
The Truth About the Christian and Self-Defense 1
The Truth About Worship 8
Truth Be Told 6
Waves of Change 14
What Must I Do To Be Saved? 1
Where Do We Go When We Die? 3
Why Are There So Many Churches? 1
Women’s Role in the Church 1
Women’s Studies: Apple of Thine Eye 2
Women’s Studies: Christ in Every Season 3
Women’s Studies: Esther 4
Women’s Studies: Everyday Princess 6
Women’s Studies: I Just Want to Be a Sheep 4
Women’s Studies: Interviews with Christian Women 5
Women’s Studies: Joy 2
Women’s Studies: Loving Your Husband 8
Women’s Studies: Mary and Martha 2
Women’s Studies: Seeking Spiritual Beauty 12
Women’s Studies: Singing in the Rain 2
Women’s Studies: Sowing the Seed 2
Women’s Studies: Woman’s Role in the Church by Luann Rogers 12
World Religions 20
WVBS Online Bible School 2

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Topical Video Programs Hard Drive A
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