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Proof for God Second Edition DVD

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In this expanded version, Kyle Butt adds 9 New lessons on the evidence for God. This single DVD now includes 17 lessons about God and the Bible. Kyle demonstrates proof for God through the evidences in history, philosophy, science, and logic. Profound questions of life are addressed, providing you with deep insight and quick answers. This DVD includes English Subtitles.

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I. Evidence for God

Does God exist? Is there proof for God? Follow Kyle Butt as he demonstrates the evidence for God from the areas of logic, philosophy, and science. Some of the most profound questions of life will be addressed, and deeper insight will be gained to increase your faith in God.

  1. 6 Proofs for God’s Existence (8:42 min.)
  2. How Did Life Begin? (9:48 min.)
  3. Moral Values and Atheism (8:42 min.)
  4. Faith and Reason (8.20 min.)
  5. Free Will and Atheism (8:44 min.)
  6. 6 Reasons Not To Believe in Evolution (9:15 min.)
  7. Vestigial Organs (7:01 min.)
  8. What Caused the Universe? (8:14 min.)
  9. Looking Closer For Design (7:05 min.)


II. Evidence for the Bible

Is the Bible God’s inspired word? What evidence is there to recognize the proof for God as its divine source? Follow Kyle Butt as he demonstrates both the external and internal evidences for the Bible being from God. See amazing archaeological discoveries, incredible scientific facts, fulfillment of prophecies, and confirmation of the Bible’s consistency. Questions will be answered and deeper insight gained that will increase your faith in Christianity.

  1. 7 Superhuman Qualities of the Bible (7:52 min.)
  2. 6 Amazing Scientific Facts of the Bible (12:18 min.)
  3. Scientific Foreknowledge of the Bible: Germs and Disease (9:57 min.)
  4. Scientific Foreknowledge of the Bible:Food Consumption (10:10 min.)
  5. 9 Discoveries that Confirm the Bible (8:05 min.)
  6. What about Contradictions in the Bible? (7:52 min.)
  7. 5 Prophecies that Prove the Bible (7:41 min.)
  8. The Prophecy of Tyre (7:32 min.)

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