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  • This is an in-depth verse by verse study of 1 , 2, 3 John and Jude. This course is hosted by Chuck Horner and includes 20 lessons on 7 DVDs.

  • This is a 126-page spiral-bound notebook based on Chuck Horner’s teaching notes for the course.

  • A study of the book of Revelation. It is hosted by Gary McDade and includes 24 lessons on 8 DVDs.

  • The Bible is a complex library of 66 books, and for the newcomer it may seem overwhelming. These 66 books tell a Story. The Story is told using different kinds of literature: narrative, poetry, proverbs, parable, satire, etc. This study is a simple introduction to the different kinds of literature, and provides strategies for reading. The aim is to encourage the reader to read their Bible without being overwhelmed. This is a great study for any Bible reader. It is hosted by Steven Lloyd and includes 10 lessons on 3 DVDs.


    October 9th-15th

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  • This study answers questions about what the Bible teaches regarding sexual desire in Marriage. It is designed for MARRIED COUPLES ONLY, and NOT INTENDED for Bible Class. It is hosted by Greg Neill and includes 10 lessons on 1 DVD.

  • These lessons explore the true meaning of joy. This course is hosted by Becky Blackmon and includes 2 lessons on 1 DVD.

  • This series of lessons was designed and presented by Kevin Rutherford to help men be better leaders in the worship assembly. These lessons cover the principles of worship, pattern of worship, preaching in worship, presiding at the Lord’s table, prayer and song leading. This DVD includes 6 lessons on 2 DVDs.

  • A feast of sermons for your listening pleasure on one MP3-USB. Just imagine four sermons by Jim Dearman, six by George Bailey, seven by Denny Petrillo, eight by Burt Jones, six by Perry Cotham, 30 by John Grubb and eight by Wesley Simons. That’s right, 69 sermons for your listening pleasure. This product is AUDIO ONLY and can be used in most cars, stereos and DVD players. It can also be downloaded onto your computer and mobile devices. Note: The audio lessons are taken from the full DVD courses recorded by WVBS.

  • Is the Bible God’s inspired word? What evidence is there to recognize the proof for God as its divine source? Follow Kyle Butt as he demonstrates both the external and internal evidences for the Bible being from God. See amazing archaeological discoveries, incredible scientific facts, fulfillment of prophecies, and confirmation of the Bible’s consistency. Questions will be answered and deeper insight gained that will increase your faith in Christianity. This DVD includes 8 lessons and English Subtitles.


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  • Motivational sermons. Speaker is George Bailey and includes 6 sermons on 2 DVDs.

  • In order to distinguish the truth about Noah’s Ark and to clear the fog-of-confusion, Branyon May (Ph.D.) plainly addresses the facts and clearly demonstrates “The Reality of Noah’s Ark”. The Collector’s Edition packages this 2-hour, documentary-style series on 1 DVD in a movie-style case with printed infographic inside. The DVD includes English Subtitles.

  • What does it mean to be searching for truth? Find out as you go on an exciting, personal journey with Lance Mosher. Transformed tells one man’s true spiritual journey, as he encounters the various moments of life that made him question everything he had been taught; the very essence of who he thought he was. His experiences will resonate with anyone who is looking for meaning in a world of chaos. This book is a great way to form a Bible study relationship with anyone. This 238-page, paperback book or audiobook will entertain, encourage and evangelize. See what others are saying about Transformed below.