Intimate Relations DVD

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This study answers questions about what the Bible teaches regarding sexual desire in Marriage. It is designed for MARRIED COUPLES ONLY, and NOT INTENDED for Bible Class. It is hosted by Greg Neill and includes 10 lessons on 1 DVD.



As husbands and wives become members of the Lord’s Church, they may have questions about what the Bible teaches regarding their intimate relations. These questions are not suitable for a Bible class, and may be uncomfortable being asked of an Elder or Preacher. Greg Neill teaches this course for those who would like to better understand this subject or be able to better counsel others in these areas.

Course contents include:
Sexual Desire in Marriage
Sexual Behavior (What is “Normal” and Biblical);
Fantasies: What are the Limits?;
Pornography (Purchased and Homemade);
Cyber/Internet Sex
Sexual Problems (Medical, Physical, Emotional);
Sexuality and Children;
Concluding Thoughts

This study is designed for married couples only. It is NOT intended for Bible Class.

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Intimate Relations DVD