End of Time: Study of the Book of Revelation 8-DVD Set

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A study of the book of Revelation. It is hosted by Gary McDade and includes 24 lessons on 8 DVDs.



In this powerful series the instructor Gary McDade takes the viewer through a chapter-by-chapter study of a book that is sometimes difficult to understand because of the symbols and apocalyptic literature. Throughout this series of lessons Gary examines popular views of Premillennialism. In addition, there are over thirty beautiful illustrations by Pat Marvenko Smith. These illustrations put the Scripture into pictures and help the viewer visualize the symbolism in this book. The 38-minute lessons are great for Bible class as well as personal study for young and old alike.

Lessons Include:
DVD #1
1. General Introduction
2. Introduction – Symbols
3. John Exiled to PatmosDVD #2
4. Four Letters to Churches
5. Three Letters to Churches
6. God on His ThroneDVD #3
7. Christ Alone Is Worthy to Take the Book with Seven Seals
8. Six Seals Are Opened
9. The Sealing of God’s SaintsDVD #4
10. The Seventh Seal Reveals Seven Trumpets
11. The Fifth Seal
12. The Little Book
DVD #5
13. The Seventh Trumpet Soundeth the Victory of Christ
14. The Great Red Dragon Attacks Christ
15. The Mark of the BeastDVD #6
16. The Hour of God’s Judgment Has Come
17. Seven Angels Are Given
18. Bowls of Wrath Are Poured OutDVD #7
19. Babylon the Great – The Mother of Harlots
20. The Fall of Babylon the Great
21. The Army of God Is VictoriousDVD #8
22. The Devil’s Doom
23. A New Heaven and a New Earth
24. A Further Description of Heaven

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End of Time: Study of the Book of Revelation 8-DVD Set