Door Hanger: Christian Gift Card

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Fall is a great time to evangelize in your neighborhood! These new door hangers provide a safe, socially-distant way to reach people during the Coronavirus pandemic. (Each package contains 250 door hangers.)

With thought provoking questions as well as website and QR code, these door hangers are designed to direct a person to the corresponding video. Your congregation or individual member may provide contact information (email recommended) at the bottom of each hanger to encourage your prospect to reach out.

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Christian Gift Card


24/7 access to faith-building, Bible-based videos. These programs will answer your questions from core Christian principles to deep spiritual topics.

Biblical Studies * Christian Evidences * Documentaries
Women’s Studies * Short Videos * Practical Lessons

Synopsis of Website

WVBS Online Video –

The new WVBS Online Video Invitation Card is a great evangelism and edification tool. There are over 500 free faith-building, Bible-based videos on the Online Video website, Handing this invitation card to somebody is like giving them hundreds of hours of Bible studies. Imagine how much scripturally sound information this person will have access to when you hand them this card. The cards are perfect for setting out in business lobbies or in your church foyer for visitors and members. It can also be given out in door knocking campaigns, community events or in public outreach. Please tell others about this resource. There are billions of lost souls in the world and this card is a resource that can bring many to salvation.


What is a QR Barcode?

QR Code This type of barcode is called a QR code. If you have a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) then QR codes are a quick way to navigate to content, such as a website.


There is a QR barcode that is located on the card and ideal for the prospect who has a smart phone with a QR code reader, which will read the code and take the prospect to the appropriate website.