Video Bible Study Invitation Card (500 Ct)

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This new Invitation Card directs your Bible study prospect to, where John Haffner provides a  Free, two-part Bible study that addresses straightforward questions about the Bible and how to be pleasing to God. Invitation cards provide a gentle and loving way to guide someone to the gift of life. This invitation to your friends, family, and neighbors will present the truth to set them free. The size of each card is 3.5″ x 2″ (size of a business card) and is packaged in a 500-count box.

500-Count Box


Video Bible Study

What is your purpose?

Everything you need to know about the purpose of your life is in the Bible.

It is vitally important that we understand the instructions from God, the story of Jesus, and the establishment of His Church.


Synopsis of Video

Visit Video Bible

This video Bible study is designed to introduce you to God’s word and show you the simple plan to become a Christian. You do not need an in-depth knowledge of the Bible, as you will be guided and shown the direct statements from Scripture. Join John Haffner in looking at what the Bible says and answering basic questions to help your understanding. In this two-part study, you will learn what a person must know to be saved (Part 1), and about the Lord’s design for His church (Part 2).

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There is a QR barcode that is located on the card and ideal for the prospect who has a smart phone with a QR code reader, which will read the code and take the prospect to the appropriate website.

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Video Bible Study Invitation Card (500 Ct)