Personal Evangelism: Updated Seminar 2-DVD Set

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Updated in 2019the “Personal Evangelism” DVD will encourage and teach the viewer to effectively reach lost souls using God’s Word and proven methods. The second DVD “A Personal Bible Study” includes a reenactment of the Back to the Bible three-lesson evangelism study. It is hosted by Rob Whitacre on 2 DVDs.  One free set of “Back to the Bible” booklets included.

                   “Rob Whitacre’s series is the best I’ve heard…”
                                                 ~ Allen Webster
                                                                 House to House/Polishing the Pulpit

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Personal Evangelism
Become a successful soul-winner for Jesus.

DVD 1  (Updated in 2019: Statistics, Stories, Lessons)

This five-lesson seminar will encourage and teach the viewer to effectively reach lost souls using God’s Word and proven methods.

Let’s Get Motivated:  51 min.
This session will relay several personal accounts of conversions. It has work
ed and is still working.

Let’s Stay with the Message: 40 min.
This session focuses on the power of the Word. We must put “the Bible” back into Personal Bible Studies!

Let’s Talk About the Manner: 43 min.
How do you get into a Bible Study? How did Jesus, our Master Evangelist, develop such a large following?
We must put “personal” back into Personal Bible Studies!

Let’s Not Argue About the Method: 42 min.
It’s time to introduce: “Back to the Bible” and demonstrate how to use it by watching a real Bible study take place around a kitchen table.

Let’s Apply the Model: 45 min.
Now let’s deal with difficult questions. How does this work in my world?



A Personal Bible Study
A reenactment of the Back to the Bible three-lesson evangelism study. This program will provide the viewer the opportunity to observe an actual study in which Rob Whitacre will use the principles he teaches in his seminar. He will deal with difficult questions and present several closings.

Book 1 – Our Authority in Religion (1 hr. 23 min.)

Book 2 – The Church (1 hr. 24 min.)

Book 3 – Your Spiritual Condition (1 hr. 46 min.)

Each order comes with one set of the 3-Back to the Bible booklets.


What others are saying about Personal Evangelism Seminar:

“the most impactful seminar on evangelism in the history of the congregation.
  Every church needs to schedule it as soon as possible.”
~ Allen Webster
House to House/Polishing the Pulpit 

I wanted to let you know how much good your work is doing through the evangelism seminar DVD. We have a group of 15-20 from Ivy Bluff church of Christ watching it together on Tuesday nights and they are really on fire and encouraged by the simplicity of this method.
My wife and I too are thankful for the new approach you have given us to personal evangelism that we are implementing in our work.
~Brian Reed, Preacher at Ivy Bluff in Woodbury TN

I haven’t met you, but I saw you at PTP and thoroughly enjoyed your overview of the OT. My mother, and other members of my congregation went to your evangelism seminar there, they could not say enough about how encouraged they were and inspired to get to work winning souls. I subsequently bought your DVD and a box of the Back to the Bible study booklets and am showing them here on Wednesday evenings. They are being well received, and we have Bible studies already being set up after only a week.
I’m writing you first to thank you for your work for the Lord in general and in particular for this seminar. It is excellent and inspiring.
~Cary Gillis TX

My wife and I (who’s a former Catholic) are watching your personal evangelism DVD. Our dear friends picked it up for us at PTP.
It’s wonderful, inspiring work.
~Nathan Keith

Your PTP lessons on personal Bible study have my brain turning!
~Sara Smith Covert

You always encourage me to care for the souls of others and motivate me to be more involved.
~Dale Hubert

The interest in evangelism was very encouraging to me as well. There is a movement afoot within the Church.
So, press hard there is three copies (old insurance saying)!
~Steve A Watts

I’m a member of the church of Christ in Dripping Springs, Texas. I happened to be home when you came and spoke to our congregation about the “Back to the Bible” series.    I wanted to let you know I have gave that series to a friend who went through it with her father-in-law. Who never truly had put on Christ in baptism. He had been dunked in water abut 10 years previous but never made a life change or a heart change. After going through the series with him he has chosen to be batpized and make a heart change.
Glory to God. Thank you for your work in the Lord.
~Reagan Gray

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Personal Evangelism Updated
Personal Evangelism: Updated Seminar 2-DVD Set