Angels 4-DVD Set (Quertermous)

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This is an in-depth study about angels. It gives the viewer an opportunity to consider sound answers to questions often asked on this topic. This course is hosted by Travis L. Quertermous and includes 13 lessons.



Lessons Include:
DVD #1

1. The Nature and Origin of Angels
2. The Characteristics of Angels
3. The Organization of Angels
DVD #2
4. The Work of Angels
5. Angels and the Providence of God
6. Angels and the Ministry of Christ

DVD #3
7. Angels and the Second Coming of Christ
8. Angels That Give Allegiance to Satan
9. The Origin and Nature of Satan
DVD #4
10. What is Satan’s Mission?
11. Do You Have a Guardian Angel? Part 1
12. Do You Have a Guardian Angel? Part 2
13. False Ideas

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Angels 4-DVD Set (Quertermous)