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  • This Sample Pack contains 16 of our most popular DVDs. Each of these DVDs usually sells for $1 or $2 each in volume orders of 20 or more. Here we are offering the volume pricing without requiring the volume quantity.

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  • Get all 4 of these edifying study books for only $36.00
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    Men in the Making,
    The Truth About…Moral Issues,
    Searching for Truth and Songs of Deliverance



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  • These 18″x 24″ teaching posters can work well in a classroom, hallway, foyer or any place where Christians and non-Christians gather. They can be placed on the wall, laminated and or framed.

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  • This course is an in-depth study of Genesis, with emphasis on practical application, as well as on giving a working knowledge of the book, including background information. This course is hosted by Chuck Horner and includes 17 lessons.

  • This item has been discontinued, but similar items could be purchased from office supply stores or Amazon.

    Here is a link to one such product that should work: Acrylic 4-Tier Brochure Holder

  • The invitation cards are designed to be a convenient and inexpensive way for someone to share the information contained in a video. They can be given to family members, friends, co-workers or anyone who might be interested in viewing the materials. The size of each card is 3.5″ x 2″ (size of a business card) and is packaged in a 500-count box and now available in a 250-count box.

  • New Release with Bonus Programs now included on this DVD! Where do we go when we die? What is the truth about Heaven and Hell? At some point everyone ponders these questions. While the world offers uncertainities, the Bible provides solid answers for the journey of our soul from conception to eternity. Charles Heberth presents biblical answers for the topics of Heaven, Hell and our soul’s journey after death on 1 DVD.


    Charles Herberth translated and taught  “Where do we go when we die?” This program is taught in the Ki-Swahili language. Each version is 35 minutes in length, and both versions along with an English Version are available on a single DVD.

    Buy 20 or more for $2.00 each!

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  • New Design! The authors have endeavored to equip young men with biblical information and practical knowledge they need to deal with tough issues like honor, godliness, purity, sex, and being a real man of God. This 92-page soft-cover book provides a framework that helps every young man from 12 to 20 years old learn to honor the older, protect the weak, overcome sexual temptation, control their tongues, and stand for the Truth. This book is written by Kyle Butt, Stan Butt, Jr., and J.D. Schwartz.

    E-book available for Amazon Kindle.

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  • What does it mean to be searching for truth? Find out as you go on an exciting, personal journey with Lance Mosher. Transformed tells one man’s true spiritual journey, as he encounters the various moments of life that made him question everything he had been taught; the very essence of who he thought he was. His experiences will resonate with anyone who is looking for meaning in a world of chaos. This book is a great way to form a Bible study relationship with anyone. This 203-page, paperback book will entertain, encourage and evangelize. See what others are saying about Transformed below.

    E-book available for Amazon Kindle.

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  • This rack provides a convenient and attractive way to display the Invitation Cards at your church or business.

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