DVD Tract Rack Set

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These tract racks provide a convenient and attractive way to display DVD tracts at your church or business. The WVBS teaching DVDs can be displayed for members and visitors to access for their use in teaching others.

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Tract Racks
for your 21st century tracts


These heavy duty clear acrylic plastic stands are designed to be set on a table or hung on a wall. This is a great way to organize your DVDs and present them to members or the public in an attractive manner.


This new tract rack can hold up to 12 DVDs in each slot. With 4 slots in each stand, it will hold 48 DVDs.


They are sold:


One set (2 stands) will hold 8 titles and up to 96 DVDs = $42.00


Two sets (4 stands) will hold 16 titles and up to 192 DVDs = $64.00


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