The Kingdom and End Times DVD

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When will Jesus come again? Will it be soon? Will he set up is kingdom at that time? What about the Antichrist, the mark of the beast and the rapture? This DVD contains three lessons: When will the Kingdom Come?, No One Left Behind and Premillennialism: A Deeper Study. In these lessons, Don Blackwell will answer these questions with detailed explanations from the Word of God.  This 1 DVD includes English Subtitles and contains the lesson interpreted into American Sign Language (ASL) by Michael Fehmer.

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A study of God’s Kingdom,
the Rapture and Premillennialism


There is a great deal of confusion over the kingdom of the Lord. Some say that it was established in the 1900’s. Others believe it was set up in the first century. Many think that it has not yet come, but that it is coming very soon. Who are the members of the God’s kingdom, and what must we do to prepare for it? This study clearly and simply answers these and other vital questions relating to the kingdom of the Lord.

NO ONE LEFT BEHIND (25 minutes)

It is commonly believed that in the near future Christ will secretly come to call away his followers to heaven, while the rest of the world will be “left behind.”  This doctrine is known as the rapture. Those remaining on the earth will then supposedly experience the most severe tribulation known in the history of mankind. In this lesson, Don Blackwell conducts a practical study of the doctrine of the rapture and sheds the light of God’s Word on this popular belief.

Premillennialism: A Deeper Study (44 minutes)

Does the Bible teach the doctrine of the rapture? Will Christ return to this earth where he will establish his kingdom and reign for a thousand years? What is the “mark of the beast?” Will there soon arise a world ruler known as the Anti-Christ? All of these questions are part of a doctrine known as premillennialism. This lesson answers each of these questions providing appropriate Scripture references. Get your Bible and examine what God has to say!

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The Kingdom and End Times DVD