The Global Flood of Noah by Bert Thompson Electronic Version

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This 33-page electronic version of the book by Dr. Bert Thompson presents information regarding the biblical Flood as an historical event. It discusses the global nature of the Flood, specifics of the Flood accounts and skeptics’ attacks on the Flood account. This is a PDF file that will be available for download after you have completed the checkout process.



In this examination of the biblical doctrine of the Great Flood of Genesis, conclusions are drawn based on sound, scriptural evidence and proper exegesis. The reason for the Flood—man’s rebellion and sin against God—is shown from biblical testimony, as well as the supernatural elements relating to the Flood. At the same time, however, the purely natural events associated with the Flood (e.g., the building of the ark, Flood water damage, etc.) are analyzed. Finally, the ubiquity of flood myths, stories, and legends are illuminated in light of Scripture, while the attacks on, and compromises of, the Genesis account of the Flood are explained, and refuted.

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The Global Flood of Noah by Bert Thompson Electronic Version