Teacher Improvement & Preparation Seminar

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This course contains suggestions on improving any education program in six major areas. It is hosted by Warren and Carolyn Wilcox and includes 17 lessons on 6 DVDs.





Instructor: Warren Wilcox & Carolyn Wilcox


Lessons: 17 video lessons


Description and Purpose: A congregation without good teaching will become weak. Even the strongest churches can stand improvement in the area of teachers. Now your congregation can benefit from the same workshop Warren and Carolyn Wilcox gave nationally. Anyone interested in the education program should view DVD #1, which contains suggestions on improving educational programs in six major areas. From DVDs #2 and #3, teachers of teens and adults will learn more about being good Bible class teachers and how to teach so students will change their lives. DVD #4 is for ladies only due to Carolyn’s use of Scripture in her lessons. DVDs #5 and #6 are on making and using visual aids.

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Teacher Improvement & Preparation Seminar
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