Sermons by John Grubb Vol. 2

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Motivational sermons. Speaker is John Grubb and includes 24 sermons.





There are twenty-four 29-minute sermons in this series covering:


The Identity Of The Church
Christianity: A New And Different Religion
Christians The Bible Does Not Mention By Name
Do You Really Want To Go To Heaven?
God’s Elijah & Elijah’s God
Faith Of The Ancients
Feeding On Ashes
Five Great Days
From Heaven Or From Men?
Does Everyone Have A Right To His Own Belief?
In Search Of True Joy
Lessons From the Tower Of Babel
Lessons Israel Learned At Jericho
The Church Is Not A Denomination
New Every Morning
Redeeming The Time
The Genealogy Of Christ
To Whom Shall We Go?
Tragedies In Religion
Verbal Inspiration
Who Cares?



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Sermons by John Grubb Vol. 2