Sermons by John Grubb Vol. 2 6-DVD Set

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Motivational sermons. Speaker is John Grubb and includes 24 sermons on 6 DVDs.




Sermons Include:
DVD #1
1. The Identity of the Church
2. Christian
3. Christianity: A New and Different Religion
4. Christians the Bible Does Not Mention by Name
Total run time (2 hr) DVD #2
5. Do You Really Want to Go to Heaven?
6. God’s Elijah and Elijah’s God
7. Faith of the Ancients
8. Feeding on Ashes
Total run time (1 hr, 59 min)DVD #3
9. Five Great Days
10. From Heaven or from Men
11. Does Everyone Have a Right to His Own Belief
12. In Search of True Joy
Total run time (2 hr)
DVD #4
13. Lessons from the Tower of Babel
14. Lessons Israel Learned at Jericho
15. The Church Is Not a Denomination
16. New Every Morning
Total run time (1 hr, 58 min) DVD #5
17. Nitpicking
18. Redeeming the Time
19. Repentance
20. The Genealogy of Christ
Total run time (2 hr) DVD #6
21. To Whom Shall We Go?
22. Tragedies in Religion
23. Verbal Inspiration
24. Who Cares
Total run time (2 hr)

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Sermons by John Grubb Vol. 2 6-DVD Set