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This MP3-USB contains a wealth of teaching lessons by Kyle Butt, from individual topics to 3 public debates with atheists. The audio comes mostly from programs produced with WVBS, including the Pillars of Faith Series, Answering Atheism, Waves of Change, Out With Doubt, My God and His Money, various sermons, and more. This product is AUDIO ONLY and can be used in most cars, stereos and DVD players. It can also be downloaded onto your computer and mobile devices. Note: The audio lessons are taken from the full DVD courses recorded by WVBS. This USB includes 141 lessons with over 46 hours of great teaching.


This product is AUDIO ONLY and can be used in most cars, stereos and DVD players. It can also be downloaded onto your computer and mobile devices. Note: The audio lessons are taken from the full DVD courses recorded by WVBS.

Kyles Butt’s Audio Lessons

Programs          Lessons            Audio Lessons
1. A Woman’s Choice 1 A Woman’s Choice
2. Answering Atheism 6 Moral Implications of Atheism
Death of the Innocent
The Bible and Slavery
The Biblical View of Women
Evil, Pain, and Suffering
A Loving God and an Eternal Hell
3. Creation and Evolution 5 A Scientific Approach to God
Can Science Test for God
Evolution and Sexism
Is God Important
Which God Exists
4 Creation Questions 7 Did God Create Other People-Audio
Dinosaurs and the Bible-Audio
How Long Were the Days of Creation-Audio
The Age of the Earth-Audio
Valuing Human Life-Audio
Where Did All the Dinosaurs Go-Audio
Where Did Cain Get His Wife-Audio
5. Debates 3 Does the God of the Bible Exist? (Butt/Barker)
Pain & Suffering and the Existence of God (Butt/Ehrman)
Does God Exist? (Butt/Scott)
6. Evil, Pain and Suffering 1 Evil, Pain and Suffering
7. My God and His Money  6 Stewardship
Purpose in Your Heart
Benefits Of Giving Liberally
Money: Powerful & Dangerous
Proof of Your Love
Sowing & Reaping
8. Out With Doubt  13 Does God Exist?
Design Demands a Designer
Evil, Pain, and Suffering
Is the Bible God’s Word?
Predictive Prophecy and the Bible
Are There Mistakes in the Bible?
Creation Versus Evolution
How Old is the Earth?
Theistic Evolution
The Historical Christ
Miracles and the Resurrection
So What?
9. Pillars of Faith 9
Behold Lamb of God The Historicity of Jesus
The Predicted Messiah
The Resurrection of Christ
Is the Bible From God The Bible and Science
The Bible and Prophecy
The Bible and Archaeology
Truth Be Told Evolutionary Hoaxes
The Existence of God
The Fruits of Atheism
10. Proof for God Series NEW 24
Evidence for God 6 Proofs for Gods Existence 1
6 Reasons NOT to Believe in Evolution
Faith and Reason
Free Will and Atheism
How Did Life Begin
Looking Closer for Design
Moral Values and Atheism
Vestigial Organs
What Caused the Universe
Evidence for Jesus 5 Reasons Jesus is Divine
6 Facts that Prove Jesus Rose from the Dead
6 Prophecies that Prove Jesus is from God
6 Reasons to Believe in Jesus
Did Jesus Really Exist
Jesus and Miracles
Jesus and Other Savior Gods
Evidence for the Bible 5 Prophecies that Prove the Bible
6 Amazing Scientific Facts of the Bible
7 Things that Prove the Bible is from God
9 Discoveries that Confirm the Bible
Food Consumption
Prophecy of Tyre
Scientific Foreknowledge-Germs & Disease
What About Contradictions in the Bible
11. Search Campaign Short Videos 23
Archaeology Hezekiah’s Tunnel
Archaeology Pilate Inscription
Bible Topics Jesus and Homosexuality
Unpardonable Sin
Who is Mary in the Bible New
Christianity & the Church Becoming a Christian New
How Many Churches Are There? New
What is the Church of God? New
Which Church is Right? New
Creation & Evolution Are Similarities Proof of Evolution New
Biomimicry New
Do Creation Scientists Publish Research New
Gill, Slits and Embryos New
Young Earth Creation New
Search God Is There A God?
What Is God?
Where Is God?
Who Is God?
Search Heaven & Hell Is Heaven Real?
Is Hell Real?
Search Jesus Does Jesus Exist
Who Is Jesus?
12. Sermons 9 A Life of Action
Life is Short
Meaning of Life
Miracles and the Resurrection
Purity in Spirit
Receiving Correction Sermon
Trust Me
What is Your Soul Worth
13 Sex are You Interested 2 Can You Afford It?
Your Choice
14. Should We Disfellowship?  1 Should We Disfellowship?
15. Understanding Jesus NEW 10 The Love of Jesus
The Compassion of Christ
The Trinity
Could Jesus Have Sinned
Did Jesus Teach About Hell
Was Jesus a Vegetarian
Jesus Prophecy of the Fall of Jerusalem
Did God Forsake His Son
Did Jesus Go to Hell for Three Days
What Will Happen When Jesus Comes Again
16. Waves of Change 14 Who Has the Right?
Which Way is North?
Is One Church as Good as Another?
What is Worship?
What’s a Girl to do?
To Play or Not to Play?
The Lord’s Supper: Don’t Forget to Remember
“Hand Check”
When Do the Rules Apply?
The Holy Spirit
Right and Wrong
When Jesus Comes Again
17. Wonders of Creation NEW 7 DNA
Flying Snake
Stinking Corpse Lily
Thorny Devil Lizard
Venus Flower Basket

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