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This MP3-USB contains the audio from following programs by Becky Blackmon: (1) Apple of Thine Eye; (2) Christ in Every Season of Your Life; (3) Esther; (4) I Just Want to Be a Sheep; (5) Joy; (6) Mary & Martha; (7) Singing in the Rain; (8) Sowing the Seed; (9) Are You a Pearl Seeker; and (10) Finding the Time. Approximately 17 hours of great teaching.

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This product is AUDIO ONLY and can be used in most cars, stereos and DVD players. It can also be downloaded onto your computer and mobile devices. Note: The audio lessons are taken from the full DVD courses recorded by WVBS.

Becky Blackmon’s Audio Lessons

Programs          Lessons            Audio Lessons
1. Apple of Thine Eye 2 How Can I be the Apple of God’s Eye
Sister to Sister
2. Christ in Every Season of Your Life 3 Single
Married with Children
The Golden Years
3. Esther 4 Come and Meet Esther-Part 1
Come and Meet Esther-Part 2
What Do I Have in Common with a Persian Queen?-Part 1
What Do I Have in Common with a Persian Queen?-Part 2
 4.  I Just Want to Be A Sheep–  4 The Lord is My Shepherd
 A Study of Psalm 23 He Restores My Soul
The Valley of the Shadow of Death
I Shall Dwell in the House of the Lord Forever
 5.  Joy  2 A Merry Heart
What Joy is This?
 6.  Sowing the Seed  2 I Must Sow Because…
Am I Gathering or Scattering?
 7.  Mary and Martha  2 Mary and Martha
Am I Choosing the Good Part?
 8.  Singing in the Rain  2 Singing in the Rain
Sing No Matter What
 9.  Finding the Time  2 It’s About Time
Where Did It Go?
10.  Are You A Pearl Seeker?  2 Are You A Pearl Seeker?
What’s More Important Than God?

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MP3-USB Becky Blackmon