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MP3-USB Becky Blackmon

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This MP3-USB covers Becky Blackmon’s teaching lessons from Apple of Thine Eye; Christ in Every Season of Your Life; Esther; I Just Want to be A Sheep–A Study of Psalm 23; Joy; Mary & Martha; Singing in the Rain; Sowing the Seed; Are You A Pearl Seeker, and Finding the Time. Approximately 17 hours of great teaching.


This product is AUDIO ONLY and can be used in most cars, stereos and DVD players. It can also be downloaded onto your computer and mobile devices. Note: The audio lessons are taken from the full DVD courses recorded by WVBS.

Becky Blackmon’s Audio Lessons

Programs          Lessons            Audio Lessons
1. Apple of Thine Eye 2 How Can I be the Apple of God’s Eye
Sister to Sister
2. Christ in Every Season of Your Life 3 Single
Married with Children
The Golden Years
3. Esther 4 Come and Meet Esther-Part 1
Come and Meet Esther-Part 2
What Do I Have in Common with a Persian Queen?-Part 1
What Do I Have in Common with a Persian Queen?-Part 2
 4.  I Just Want to Be A Sheep–  4 The Lord is My Shepherd
 A Study of Psalm 23 He Restores My Soul
The Valley of the Shadow of Death
I Shall Dwell in the House of the Lord Forever
 5.  Joy  2 A Merry Heart
What Joy is This?
 6.  Sowing the Seed  2 I Must Sow Because…
Am I Gathering or Scattering?
 7.  Mary and Martha  2 Mary and Martha
Am I Choosing the Good Part?
 8.  Singing in the Rain  2 Singing in the Rain
Sing No Matter What
 9.  Finding the Time  2 It’s About Time
Where Did It Go?
10.  Are You A Pearl Seeker?  2 Are You A Pearl Seeker?
What’s More Important Than God?

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