MP3-USB Bill Watkins

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This MP3-USB contains a wealth of teaching by Bill Watkins. This USB has 16 lessons which includes audio from the following programs: Abounding in Hope, The Crux of the Matter, and Crisis and the Creator.  This product is AUDIO ONLY and can be used in computers and laptops, and in most cars, stereos, or DVD players. This USB includes 8 hours of great teaching.

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This product is AUDIO ONLY and can be used in most cars, stereos and DVD players. It can also be downloaded onto your computer and mobile devices. Note: The audio lessons are taken from the full DVD courses recorded by WVBS.

Bill Watkins’s Audio Lessons

Programs Lessons Audio Lessons
1. Abounding in Hope 7 Abounding in Hope
Life Beyond the Ordinary
Why We Worship
A Hand in the Darkness
What Can the Righteous Do?
Inside Out
The Church and God’s Eternal Purpose
2. Crisis and the Creator 2 Overcoming a Crisis
The Real Pandemic
3. Crux of the Matter 7 The Crux of the Matter
Crossing Your River
Why Do You Do What You Do?
How Great is Our God!
Coming Home
What Happens When You Die?
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MP3-USB Bill Watkins