Miracles, Grace, & Providence DVD

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Do miracles exist today? How do grace, faith, and works come into play for mankind’s salvation? What is providence and how does God provide for us today? All of these profound questions are addressed from God’s Word in the succinct and intriguing program. Join Don Blackwell in revealing what the Bible says on these topics. This DVD includes 3 lessons along with Bonus Content: “Who Is the Holy Spirit?”, “Was I Born a Sinner?”, and “The Sinner’s Prayer”. This DVD includes English Subtitles.

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Do Miracles Exist Today?   – 24 min.
What exactly is a miracle? The Bible describes many miracles in times past, but do miracles still exist today? In this lesson, Don Blackwell looks to the Bible for the answers to important questions.

Grace, Faith, & Works   – 31 min.
How is mankind saved from our sins? Is it by grace? Is it by faith? Is there anything man must do in order to go to heaven? In this study, Don Blackwell leads us through God’s Word, explaining how all three of these concepts work together for the salvation of man.

The Providence of God  – 24 min.
How does God provide for mankind today? Is He involved in our lives and, if so, is providence something miraculous? Join Don Blackwell in considering how the Bible describes the various aspects of God’s providence and mankind’s role in His plan.



The Sinner’s Prayer  – 4 min.
Have you ever prayed the Sinner’s Prayer? The intent of this prayer is to ask Jesus to come into your heart as a means of being saved. Do you know where in the Bible the Sinner’s Prayer can be found? As we desire to be saved from our sins by Jesus’ sacrifice, can we pray a prayer to become a Christian? Join Don Blackwell as he looks into God’s Word to help us understand the Sinner’s Prayer.

Who Is The Holy Spirit?  – 20 min.
Among Christians there are many questions about the Holy Spirit. One of the most fundamental questions is, “Who is the Holy Spirit?” Follow along with Don Blackwell as he discusses what the Bible says about the Person, Position, and Role of the Holy Spirit.

Was I Born A Sinner?  – 29 min.
Are we naturally inclined to do evil? Do children do wrong because they inherited a sinful nature? The Bible has much to say about sin and its influence in the world. Follow along with Don Blackwell as he looks, not at what men says but what the Bible says in answer to these questions.

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Miracles, Grace, & Providence DVD