Believe the Bible DVD

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This course is taught by Rob Whitacre and is designed for those who do not know the story of the Bible.  The DVD  includes three sections with 17 lessons for a total of 2 hours and 16 min.

Where did we come from? What is your purpose in life? How you answer these fundamental questions is greatly affected by whether you believe in God, believe the Bible is true, and believe Jesus to be divine. In these lessons, you will use straightforward reasoning and see commonsense applications for understanding how you can Believe the Bible.

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Believe the Bible
Affirmation of God
Bible Inspiration

Christ: Who is He?

Supplemental Lesson A: Affirmation of God

  1. Who/What Was in the Beginning?
  2. A Building Requires a Builder
  3. Cause & Effect
  4. Design & Designer
  5. What About Morality?
  6. Pain and Suffering?
  7. Punishment?

Supplemental Lesson B: Bible Inspiration

  1. The Bible’s Divine Origin
  2. Scientific Facts
  3. Medical Information
  4. Prophetic Evidence
  5. Archaeological Evidence
  6. Ethical Evidence

Supplemental Lesson C: Christ: Who is He?

  1. A Real Person
  2. We can know Him by Faith
  3. We can know Him by the Resurrection
  4. We can know Him as the Son of God
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Believe the Bible DVD