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  • This is a 106-page soft-cover study book authored by Debra Griffin Mitchell. This is an in-depth examination of portions of God’s word that you probably haven’t studied before, and considers the responses of God’s people when He answered their prayers and delivered them from trials and tribulations.

    Songs of Deliverance receives 5-star review
    (see below for the Readers’ Favorite review)

    E-book available for Amazon Kindle.

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  • These lessons by Becky Blackmon include: I Must Sow Because… and Am I Gathering or Scattering?  on 1 DVD.


  • If you are presently a Bible class teacher or hope to be a Bible class teacher in the future, then this Bible Class workshop for Ladies would certainly be a must to help you teach them to know God. It is hosted by April Meacham and Teah McWhorter and includes 6 lessons on 2 DVDs.

  • This is a 221-page soft-cover book authored by Becky Blackmon. The goal of this book is to address prayer in a Christian woman’s life.

  • This program is taught by and intended for women. Christian women fill many roles. As multi-taskers we shine, teach, work and train. With so many responsibilities, sometimes the relationship with our husband goes a little neglected. In these two sessions there is opportunity to review that relationship and to renew attention to it. Beyond the basic principles, these segments will refresh and enhance in big and little ways our God-designed role in marriage. It is hosted by Cherie Vestal and includes 2 lessons on 1 DVD.


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