Your Congregation Can Evangelize The World & Teach The Church

WVBS strives to donate as many DVDs and notebooks as possible to churches in other countries who are less fortunate. We call this program the “Churches of Christ Donation Fund” (CCDF). 100% of every dollar contributed by congregations of the Lord’s church goes directly to providing these materials free of charge.  Not one penny of a church’s contribution goes for salaries or operating costs!

The demand for donated material from such churches has increased rapidly in recent years. We desperately need financial assistance in order to keep up with the demand for Bible study materials overseas. If your congregation can help meet these needs the brethren overseas will be eternally grateful.

On every invoice, we print: “This invoice is paid in full by Churches of Christ in the USA.” We want to make it clear that these outstanding Bible study materials are coming from the church and not WVBS.

WVBS offers a full continuum of ways to help these needy brethren. A congregation can adopt a site(s) and work directly with that location(s) of your choosing. All WVBS would do in this case is ship the materials you request on your behalf.

Or, you can send WVBS monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, contributions that would, in turn, be used to send materials overseas to those who are in need. These are only two options, but there are more. If your congregation is interested in finding out other ways to evangelize the world please contact us for more details.

All congregations participating in the CCDF program receive a monthly report from WVBS on the progress that your gifts are producing. Please help your congregation consider becoming a part of this wonderful way of evangelizing the world!

Thank you for your time and heartfelt consideration for those less fortunate than we. If you have any questions contact Al Washington here at WVBS.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn how you can help others. If you would like to make a contribution to this work:
  1. Please mail check to
World Video Bible School
25 Lantana Lane
Maxwell, Texas 78656-4231
  1. Online Contribution
Any amount is appreciated.

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