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Apologetics Press logo

Would you like information on topics in the fields of Christian apologetics and Christian evidences? Apologetics Press is a non-profit, tax-exempt work dedicated to the defense of New Testament Christianity and offers a variety of materials related to apologetics. These offerings include biblical and scientific publications on subjects like the existence of God, the deity of Christ, the inspiration of the Bible, creation/evolution, etc. Apologetics Press produces books, tracts, research monographs, study courses, and numerous products for children many of which are available via audio CDs or video DVDs.

Apologetics Press also publishes two journals. Reason & Revelation is a monthly journal on Christian evidences that is produced in an eight-page, full-color format on enameled paper. Articles are well researched, up-to-date, fully documented and cover all aspects of apologetics and evidences. Discovery is a monthly journal on Scripture and science for children.

For more information, contact Apologetics Press at 230 Landmark Drive, Montgomery, Alabama 36117-2752

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Gospel Broadcasting Network logo

Under the oversight of the elders of the Southaven Church of Christ in Southaven, Mississippi, GBN broadcasts via satellite Gospel preaching and teaching 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The primary thrust of the network is: (1) to establish in viewers of all ages a strong belief in the existence of God, through a heavy concentration of Christian evidences; (2) to establish in viewers the conviction that God has revealed Himself and His will to man through the Bible; and, (3) to encourage the proper response to God’s Word—obedience to the plan of salvation and adherence to the New Testament pattern of worship, work and Christian living.

For more information, contact GBN at 8900 Germantown Rd, Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654

Phone: (662) 874-5508 | toll-free 1-866-525-GOSPEL | web: | e-mail


House to House / Heart to Heart

House to House - Heart to Heart logo

Each issue of House to House Heart to Heart has offers for readers to receive free study materials such as tracts, booklets, books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and more. Readers visit one of our websites and enter their contact information in order to receive the free promotion. We pass those contacts on to you through our free publication Contact, which also has information about how to use House to House creatively and effectively.

Find out how we can help you with local evangelism: Contact us toll-free at 1-877-338-3397.

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Enfoque Biblico (Bible Focus)

Enfoque Biblico (Bible Focus)

Are you, or your congregation, looking for sound Spanish material? Are you a Gospel preacher or a Bible student in constant search of sound, deep, and practical Bible materials in Spanish? Do you know someone who is in the same search? Enfoque Bíblico ( is your new site in the worldwide Web where you can find a variety of articles, outlines, books, tracts, lessons, courses, magazines and many more Bible materials and tools completely free. Visit us; we are certain that you will greatly benefit from this site!

Enfoque Bíblico

¿Es un predicador del Evangelio o un estudiante de la Biblia en busca constante de materiales bíblicos sólidos, profundos y prácticos? Enfoque Bíblico ( es su sitio en la red mundial donde podrá encontrar una variedad de artículos, bosquejos, libros, folletos, lecciones, cursos, revistas y muchos otros materiales y herramientas completamente gratis. Visítenos; ¡estamos seguros que se beneficiará grandemente de este sitio!


The Gospel of Christ

The Gospel of Christ logoThe Gospel of Christ (TGOC) program is an ongoing evangelistic effort overseen by the elders of the Central church of Christ in McMinnville, Tennessee.  This work consists of faithful Christians who join their talents and efforts together in seeking and saving the lost (including personal evangelism, TV, Radio, Internet, personal Bible studies, tent meetings, free media, Bible Class Curricula, etc.).  The primary purpose and goal of TGOC is to take the whole Gospel to the whole world in our generation while at the same time putting a special emphasis on strengthening the Lord’s church in the United States (Mark 16:15-16Acts 20:2014:21-22Col. 1:23).
For more information, contact The Gospel Of Christ at PO Box 788 • McMinnville, TN 37111

Phone: (855) 458-3905 | e-mail: | web:


The Gospel Journal

The Gospel Journal logo


With departments and issues dedicated to:

A Senior’s Moment | Special Studies | Fundamental Principles | Biblical Triumph | Tom’s Pen | Introduction to the Books of the Bible | One Woman’s Perspective | Expository Preaching | Gems from the Greek


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Phone: 573-889-8693


Mail: The Gospel Journal, 3491 Pall Mall Dr., #125, Jacksonville, FL 32257

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Tullstar Ministry

For DVDs or audio CDs of debates and hundreds of sermons from lectureships contact:

Mr. Ryan Smithey / Tullstar Ministry (phone 325-261-3980)

PO Box 1348, Mount Vernon, TX 75457

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