WVBS Ebooks on OverdriveHelp get WVBS resources into your local library!

More than 27,000 libraries offer ebooks through the “OverDrive” media service, and World Video Bible School has eight books that have been accepted into their system.  Now, we need our supporters to help get these books in as many library systems as possible. 

With your help, we have already gained access into numerous public libraries: Austin Public Library (Texas), Northeast Texas Digital Consortium (Texas), Memphis Public Libraries (Tennessee, Sacramento Public Libraries (California)

Here’s how you can help:

1. Go to OverDrive.com to see if your local library has this service: www.Overdrive.com

2. On the landing page, you can enter and search for your local library based on zip code.

3. The resulting page will be a map with the nearest libraries.
    a. Choose your library.
    b. You will be taken to your local library’s OverDrive catalog.

4. Log into your library account. (You will need to have an account or library number in order to make requests.)

5. Locate and click on the “Advanced Search” link, usually located under the main search box.

6. Once you get to the advanced search page, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    a. If your library allows for its patrons to recommend a title, then you will see an option for “Additional Titles to Recommend”

7. Check the “Additional Title to Recommend” box, then search for one or all of our titles.

    a. The House, Lacey Deaver
    b. Good and Evil, Lacey Deaver
    c. Men in the Making, Kyle Butt, Stan Butt, J.D. Schwartz
    d. Songs of Deliverance, Debra Griffin Mitchell
    e. The Truth About Moral Issues, Don Blackwell

8. When the book that you searched for comes up, mouse over the title to show the “Recommend” button.

9. Click the “Recommend” button.
    a. Choose which type of notification you’d like
    b. Enter your email address
    c. Confirm your submission

The Libraries below accept recommendations:

1. Alabama
    a. Jefferson County Public Library
    b. Tuscaloosa Public Library

2. Alaska
    a. Anchorage and surrounding areas (Listen Alaska)

3. Arizona
    a. Phoenix and surrounding areas (Greater Phoenix Digital Library)
    b. Tucson (Pima County Public Library)

4. Arkansas
    a. Central Arkansas Library System
    b. Columbia County Library, East Central Arkansas Public Library, Forrest City Public Library, Lawrence County Public Library (Arkansas Book Cooperative)

5. California
    a. LA (County of Los Angeles Public Library)
    b. Currently Available: Sacramento Public Library (http://download.saclibrary.org/)
    c. Oakland Public Library
    d. Anaheim Public Library

6. Colorado
    a. Colorado City and surrounding areas (Across Colorado Digital Consortium)
    b. Aurora Public Library

7. Connecticut
    a. Windsor and surrounding areas (Library Connection)

8. Delaware
    a. Delaware Libraries Association

9. Florida
    a. Miami-Dade Library
    b. Tampa Bay Library Consortium

10. Georgia
    a. Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Association

11. Hawaii
    a. Hawaii Libraries Association

12. Idaho
    a. Idaho Falls Public Library

13. Illinois
    a. Online Media of Northern Illinois (OMNI) Libraries
    b. Peoria and surrounding areas (Alliance Digital Media Library)

14. Indiana
    a. Hartford and surrounding areas (eIndiana Digital Consortium)

15. Iowa
    a. Cedar Falls and Waterloo Public Library System

16. Kansas
    a. Kansas City Public Library
    b. Wichita Public Library
    c. Pittsburgh (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Library Association)

17. Kentucky
    a. None found

18. Louisiana
    a. Lake Charles and surrounding areas (Southwest Louisiana library coop)
    b. Lafayette and surrounding areas (Bayouland E-library co-op)

19. Maine
    a. all areas of Maine (Maine Infonet Download Library)

20. Maryland
    a. Maryland’s Digital eLibrary Consortium

21. Massachusetts
    a. Boston Public Library
    b. Metrowest region (Minuteman Library Network)

22. Michigan
    a. Detroit Public Library

23. Minnesota
    a. St. Paul Public Library

24. Mississippi
    a. None found

25. Missouri
    a. Missouri Libraries Consortium (Missouri Libraries 2 Go)

26. Montana
    a. Montana Libraries Consortium (Montana Libraries 2 Go)

27. Nebraska
    a. Omaha (Omaha Public Library)
    b. Lincoln (Lincoln City Libraries’ Digital Zone)

28. Nevada
    a. Las Vegas (Las Vegas-Clark County Library District)

29. New Hampshire
    a. None found

30. New Jersey
    a. None found

31. New Mexico
    a. Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Library

32. New York
    a. New York Public Library

33. North Carolina
    a. Previously available: NC Digital Library – ncdigital.lib.overdrive.com

34. North Dakota
    a. North Dakota Library 2 Go

35. Ohio
    a. Columbus and surrounding areas (Digital Downloads)
    b. Cleveland and surrounding areas (Clevnet Library Cooperation)
    c. Cincinnati and Hamilton counties (Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton counties)
    d. Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

36. Oklahoma
    a. Tulsa City-County Library

37. Oregon
    a. Library2Go Oregon Digital Library Consortium

38. Pennsylvania
    a. Central Pennsylvania Libraries
    b. Philadelphia (Free Library Philadelphia)

39. Rhode Island
    a. Ocean State Libraries eZone

40. South Carolina
    a. York County Library

41. South Dakota
    a. South Dakota Titles To Go (all South Dakota areas)

42. Tennessee
    a. Nashville Public Libraries
    b. Currently Available: Memphis Public Libraries – memphis.lib.overdrive.com/

43. Texas
    a. Currently Available: Austin Public Library – austinlibrary.lib.overdrive.com
    b. Currently Available: Northeast Texas Digital Consortium – http://netldc.lib.overdrive.com/
    c. Houston Area Digital Media Catalog

    d. San Antonio Public Library

44. Utah
    a. None found

45. Vermont
    a. Vermont libraries (Green Mountain Library Consortium)

46. Virginia
    a. None found

47. Washington
    a. None found

48. West Virginia
    a. WV Reads

49. Wisconsin
    a. Wisconsin Public Library Consortium

50. Wyoming
    a. Sublette County Libraries

51. D.C.
    a. DC Public Library

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