Online Bible School: Thank You for Your Tax-Exempt Contribution

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The WVBS Online Bible School is a tuition-free school, and no payments are required to be a student. If you wish to make a voluntary donation then your contribution to the Lord’s work in any amount will be appreciated.
World Video Bible School is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.



How You Can Help Us

We truly appreciate your interest in the work of the WVBS Online Bible School. There are many ways you can help us.

First and foremost is with your prayers. As God says in James 5:16b “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” Please include us in your prayers that the Lord will continue to bless this work as we do His good will.

Second, you can help us by simply being a student, being obedient to the Gospel, and learning God’s Word an in-depth manner.

Third, you can help us by referring others to Online Bible School for their Bible study needs. By telling your friends about us you are in fact helping to spread the Gospel. So please do not keep this treasure a secret!

Fourth, you can contribute to our work. WVBS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation located in Maxwell, Texas. What this means is that you can send a contribution to help us continue this work and the whole amount is eligible to be deducted on your taxes. However there are many ways to give (please consult your tax consultant for more details).

-Monthly contributions. By giving to this work on a monthly basis you give us stability, which allows us to be able to meet the demands that are placed upon us. People in other parts of the world are literally starving for God’s word. So your regular monthly gifts will go a long way in allowing us to continue this effort. 

-Semi-annual contributions. We have many contributors who give to us through this means. Some give quarterly, others at different times during the year.

-Annual contributions. There are some who give to this work at the end of the year. If you give at the end of the year, you can claim your deduction on your taxes just a few months later.

-Stocks and Bonds. If you knew you could reap double the tax benefit through charitable contributions would you believe it? It is true! You can do this by donating some of your investments rather than cash. Suppose you purchased stock for $3,000 several years ago and it is now worth $10,000. If you are in the 28% federal tax bracket, sold your stock and qualified for the 20% capital gains rate, you would owe $1,400 in taxes. If you donated that same stock to a nonprofit organization like WVBS, you would get the tax deduction for the full $10,000 market value. That would save $2,800 in taxes. If you added the $1,400 you avoided in capital gains tax, your total tax savings would be $4,200.

-By remembering us in your wills. We know this is a sensitive subject, but it is still one that we must consider. By including WVBS in your will, you will still be doing a good work after you have gone home.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn how you can help us. Any contributions you wish to send by mail can be sent to the following address:

WVBS Online Bible School
25 Lantana Lane
Maxwell, Texas 78656-4231
(512) 398-5211

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Online Bible School: Thank You for Your Tax-Exempt Contribution