Why are there so many churches? DVD (Blackwell)

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With so many religious groups and denominations claiming to be the one true church of the New Testament, which one did Christ establish? It is hosted by Don Blackwell and includes a 30-minute lesson on 1 DVD.  The DVD includes English Subtitles and contains the lesson interpreted into American Sign Language (ASL) by Michael Fehmer.


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What are the differences in the new version that were not in the original?

New teacher
• New artwork on the packaging
• Videotaped in High Definition recording
• It includes English Subtitles

What are the similarities?

• Basically the same material is taught
• Uses the same chart that was used in the original
• The length of programming is about the same
• The price remains at $1.00 for volume pricing
• It includes the same lesson interpreted into American Sign Language (ASL) by Michael Fehmer




Contemporary religious scholars and historians estimate that there are approximately 38,000 + denominations in the world today. Have you ever wondered if the true church still exists today? Does it really matter to which church I belong? If the true church does exist, how can we find it?


Don Blackwell presents a fascinating history about the first century church and how it still exists today! Learn about God’s true church, the origins of denominationalism and God’s scheme of redemption for mankind.




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