The Kingdom (20-Booklet Box)

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This 37-page booklet presents “The Kingdom” in story form, taking the reader from Creation to the establishment of the Church. The primary purpose of this booklet is for it to be given to someone who has very little knowledge of God or the Bible, especially those who either grew up in a non-religious family, or who grew up in a religious but non-Christian background.

The hope is that after a prospect has read the booklet they would have adequate knowledge to engage in a personal Bible study with someone. “The Kingdom” booklet is designed and published for use by the Lord’s Church in its evangelism efforts.

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The Kingdom
The true and living Kingdom today

Have you Ever
Thought About…

Why am I here?
Where did I come from?

What will happen when I die?
Can I find peace and happiness?
Why is there evil, pain and suffering?
Is there a Heaven and Hell?
Is there a God?


Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Creator

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:
End of Creation

Chapter 4:
A New Beginning

Chapter 5:
A New Nation

Chapter 6:
Savior of the World

Chapter 7:
The Last Days on Earth

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The Kingdom (20-Booklet Box)