Millennial Mania: A Study of Premillennialism 5-DVD Set

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An informative series on the ever popular but erroneous views of Premillennialism. It is hosted by Rod Rutherford and includes 15 lessons on 5 DVDs.




Lessons Include:
DVD #1
1. Millennial Mania (Part 1)
2. Millennial Mania (Part 2)
3. Has the Kingdom Come?DVD #2
4. Is Jesus Coming Soon?
5. Palestine in the Premillennial Plan
6. Misconceptions of Matthew 24 (Part 1)DVD #3
7. Misconceptions of Matthew 24 (Part 2)
8. Have You Really Read Revelation?
9. Will Rome Be Revived before Christ Comes?

DVD #4
10. Are You Afraid of the Antichrist?
11. Are You Ready for the Rapture?
12. Are You Troubled by the Tribulation?

DVD #5
13. Are You Anxious about Armageddon?
14. What Is the Meaning of the Millennium?
15. Christ Is Coming


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