Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage 6-DVD Set

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In this in-depth program, Wesley Simons covers the Bible’s instructions on the vital issues of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage. It includes 18 lessons on 6-DVDs.




Lessons Include:
DVD #1
1. Marriage
2. An Unscriptural Divorce Is Not the Answer
3. Foolish Reasons for Getting MarriedDVD #2
4. How to Fight within the Marriage
5. The Role of Husbands
6. The Role of WivesDVD #3
7. Marriage / Divorce & Remarriage
8. The Right Time to Get a Divorce
9. Are All Men Amenable to the Gospel of Christ?

DVD #4
10. Can the Guilty Party Remarry?
11. Does Baptism Wash Away an Adulterous Marriage?
12. The Pauline Privilege – A Study of 1st Corinthians

DVD #5
13. A Study of 1st Corinthians 7:39
14. Homosexual Marriages
15. Enemies of the Home

DVD #6
16. Often Asked Questions (Part 1)
17. Often Asked Questions (Part 2)
18. Review Questions on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage


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Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage DVD
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage 6-DVD Set