Judgment Day: Jesus As Your Attorney Album Box DVD

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Join Gary Massey, minister and attorney, as he looks at two topics from a legal perspective. First follow Gary through the context of the Judgment Day as compared to court proceedings. Then study a Christian’s responsibility to government.  This 1 DVD includes 2 lessons and 1 bonus short video. This DVD includes English Subtitles. Available in Album Box only as of July 2023.

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Jesus As Your Attorney (31 min.)

A practicing attorney looks at what the Bible says about Judgment Day. On that day, as in trials here on Earth, we can have a defense – a lawyer who is our perfect Advocate. He knows the Judge, understands the prosecutor, and died to set us free. Study with Gary Massey on this important subject.

Christians and the Government (31 min.)

What is the Christian’s responsibility as a citizen? What should Christians do when their government commits injustice? How should governments view Christians living in their jurisdiction? The Bible has some surprising answers to these questions.

Bonus Content: God’s Justice (2 min.)

Everyone has a sense of fairness and justice. In matters of law, we desire justice to be upheld. While mankind often struggles with properly seeing justice through, God’s justice is perfect. On Judgment Day, God will make right and uphold justice for all circumstances.

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Judgment Day: Jesus As Your Attorney Album Box DVD