Debate on the Work of the Holy Spirit (Deaver-Moffitt) 4-DVD Set

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A debate between Mac Deaver and Jerry Moffitt on the work of the Holy Spirit on Christians. 4 DVDs. There is also a printed version of the debate available from Biblical Notes Publications.


DVD #1 and #2
Nights 1 and 2–November 13-14, 2000
Resolved: The Bible teaches that, in the process of perfecting a holy character in the Christian, the Holy Spirit always operates indirectly on the heart to sanctify it, and only through the medium of His indwelling, abiding, and active Word.
Affirmed:  Jerry Moffitt
Denied:  Mac Deaver

DVD #3 and #4
Nights 3 and 4–November 15-16, 2000
Resolved: The Bible teaches that, in addition to his sanctifying influence through His Word, the Holy Spirit operates directly to sanctify the heart of the faithful Christian.
Affirmed:  Mac Deaver
Denied:  Jerry Moffitt

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