Debate on Homosexuality & Christianity (Beals-Saffold)

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A debate between Thom Saffold and Fran Mayes (Baptist Church pastors) and George Beals (Church of Christ minister) on homosexuality.



This public debate was conducted April 8-9, 1994, on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. George Beals, a minister in the Church of Christ, affirmed that all homosexual acts are sinful. Thom Saffold and Fran Mayes, both American Baptist Church pastors, upheld homosexuality as moral.

DVD 1 discusses the role of the Bible in determining what is moral.
DVD 2 discusses the morality of homosexuality.
DVD 3 contains rebuttals by the three participants.
DVD 4 is a question and answer session and includes the answer of each participant to the question, “How should the church and state respond to homosexuality?”

WVBS did not tape this debate.

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Debate on Homosexuality & Christianity (Beals-Saffold)