Course Notes 7.0 on USB Flashdrive Upgrade for previously registered owners

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The Course Notes Upgrade on USB Flashdrive is intended as a replacement for owners of a previously registered course notes.





WVBS Course Notes 7.0 has been restructured from the gound up with many new addtions. This new USB flashdrive contains over 19,000 pages of material including notes for every book of the Bible, a large variety of topical studies, numerous books, sermon outlines, and teaching posters making this a valuable resource. Included are 10 new items (approximately 1,000 pages) and more material for various foreign languages. A new menu and sidebar navigation panel makes it easy to jump from book to menu with ease. The entire notes are contained within an Adobe PDF Portfolio and can be used with computers, tablets, and phones that have Adobe PDF Reader installed. A new Help Menu explains how to navigate the notes and suggestions on how to get the most out of them. This USB now includes a new PDF with over 740 teaching articles by Carl Garner! USBs work in both MAC and PC formats.


These Course Notes are sold for SINGLE USER ONLY.

Each USB Flashdrive is registered by name and number to the
person or church purchasing it.

This USB compilation is made up of copyrighted© material.

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