Annual Fee: Online Evangelism Project

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Make an online payment for the Annual Fee on the Online Evangelism Project.

Price to be reduced to Pro-rated amount, see price table below


If you have not contacted WVBS to setup your congregation’s information with the Online Evangelism Project (,, and, then please contact our offices. For information about the project please read the following page:


If you have already worked with WVBS to setup the project, then you can simply make your annual payment.



Starting Month Pro-rated Annual Fee Starting Month Pro-rated Annual Fee
January $30.00 July $15.00
February $27.50 August $12.50
March $25.00 September $10.00
April $22.50 October $7.50
May $20.00 November $5.00
June $17.50 December $2.50


*Please note, although the Annual Fee item shows $30, your total payment will be reduced to the appropriate pro-rated amount when we process your payment.

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