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  • The invitation cards are designed to be a convenient and inexpensive way for someone to share the information contained in a video. They can be given to family members, friends, co-workers or anyone who might be interested in viewing the materials. The size of each card is 3.5″ x 2″ (size of a business card) and is packaged in a 500-count box and now available in a 250-count box.  

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    In this third edition, Kyle Butt adds 7 new lessons on the evidence for Jesus. This single DVD now includes 24 lessons about God, the Bible, and Jesus. Kyle demonstrates proof for God through the evidences in history, philosophy, science, and logic. Profound questions of life are addressed, providing you with deep insight and quick answers. This DVD includes English Subtitles.

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  • These 18″x 24″ teaching posters can work well in a classroom, hallway, foyer or any place where Christians and non-Christians gather. They can be placed on the wall, laminated and or framed.

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  • Can atheism logically explain the existence of the Universe and everything in it, or does God exist? Does an honest investigation of the world around us logically lead to a Creator, or does godless naturalism sufficiently explain design, intelligence, and morality? And, if God does exist, where did He come from, and why doesn’t He just show Himself to everyone to prove that He exists—if He really does? Join Eric Lyons as he discusses these and many other intriguing questions in Why God? This DVD includes 35 lessons and English Subtitles.

    Mix & Match available with other Volume Deals
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