Job Opportunities

We are currently seeking Christians who are interested in working and serving the Lord as employees with World Video Bible School. Here are the current opportunities we are considering:

IT / Web DevelopmentWork with various online development and general office IT needs.

  • Maintain and update current WVBS websites (~12 sites)
  • Construct new sites and online projects
  • Build web-based emails to support marketing.
  • Perform general IT support and troubleshooting for office employees.
  • Needed Skills:
    • Good at troubleshooting issues
    • Some familiarity with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and some PHP
  • Desired Skills: Experience with WordPress or Magento

*Full or Part-time schedules are possible.


Qualifications: To be considered for any position, a candidate must:

  1. Be faithful as a Christian.
  2. Possess some level of talent & desire in the specific area of interest.
  3. Be willing to work at the WVBS office (located 20 miles south of Austin, TX)


Are you interested? Or, do you know someone who may be interested?
Anyone interested should contact Rudy Cain via email ( or by phone (512-398-5211). Please keep in mind that the WVBS office is located 20 miles south of Austin, Texas.

Please share this information with others at your congregation or who might be interested.

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