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Is shipping and handling free?

Customers within the USA including Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories.

WVBS offers free shipping to customers within the USA including Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories. We ship using US Postal Service Library rate, with normal delivery time as long as 2-3 weeks (Alaska and Hawaii customers should expect 6-8 weeks). If you need faster delivery you may upgrade your order to Expedited shipping, which will have a 2-5 day delivery time, depending on your location.

An Expedited shipping option will be available during the checkout process for you to add to your order. The pricing below gives a general estimate based on the various product types that can be ordered.

Customers outside of USA

For customers in Canada we use International First Class and International Priority.

For customers outside of USA and Canada we use FedEx International.  This is different from the traditional FedEx you may be familiar with.  It will be sent via FedEx to your country and delivered to your postal authority for general delivery.  This has proven to be very effective and it takes 2 to 6 weeks to arrive. Longer times may occur depending on local customs authority.  See below for shipping costs.

Shipping is not available for all countries outside of USA. If your country is not available for shipping in the checkout process, please contact us and we will work with you.


Product Type Shipping Cost For Every Items Of Shipped By
DVDS $15.00 400 Fed Ex/Priority
$30.00 401 – 800
$45.00 801 – 1200
BOOKS $15.00 20 Fed Ex/Priority
$30.00 21 – 40
CASES $15.00 1 case Fed Ex
CARDS (500 Ct.) $15.00 4 boxes Fed Ex/Priority
   Rack Table $15.00 2 racks Fed Ex/Priority
   Rack Wall Mount $15.00 2 racks Fed Ex/Priority
POSTERS N/A 1 tube USPS Priority
Product Type Shipping Cost For Every Items Of Shipped By
DVDS $15.00 180 USPS Priority
$30.00 181 – 360
$45.00 361 – 540
BOOKS $15.00 15 USPS Priority
$30.00 16 – 30
CASES $15.00 1 case USPS Priority
CARDS (500 Ct.) $15.00 4 boxes USPS Priority
   Rack Table $15.00 2 racks USPS Priority
   Rack Wall Mount $15.00 2 racks USPS Priority
POSTERS $5.00 1 tube USPS Priority
Product Type Shipping Cost For Every Items Of Shipped By
DVDS $20.00 60 Int’l First Class
$40.00 61 – 120 Int’l Priority Box
$60.00 121 – 180 Int’l Priority Box
BOOKS   < 4 lbs $20.00 3 Int’l First Class
               >= 4 lbs $40.00 4 – 6 Int’l Priority Box
CASES $46.00 1 case Int’l Priority
   DVD Rack 1 Set $46.00 2 racks Int’l Priority
CARDS (500 Ct.) $20.00 2 boxes Int’l Priority
   Rack Table $20.00 2 racks Int’l Priority
   Rack Wall Mount $20.00 2 racks Int’l Priority
POSTERS $5.00 1 tube Int’l Priority
Product Type Shipping Cost For Every Items Of Shipped By
DVDS $20.00 60 Int’l First Class
$40.00 61 – 120 Int’l Priority Box
$60.00 121 – 180 Int’l Priority Box
BOOKS   < 4 lbs $20.00 3 Int’l First Class
               >= 4 lbs $40.00 4 – 6 Int’l Priority Box
CASES $75.00 1 case Int’l Priority
   DVD Rack 1 Set $75.00 2 racks FedEx Int’l
CARDS (500 Ct.) $30.00 2 boxes Int’l Priority
   Rack Table $30.00 2 racks FedEx Int’l
   Rack Wall Mount $30.00 2 racks FedEx Int’l
POSTERS $20.00 2 Sets Int’l Priority


Large orders: Call our office for special pricing (512-398-5211).

Overnight Shipping: FedEx overnight and 2nd day is available. Please call our office for price quotes (512-398-5211).

Posters are shipped USPS Priority Mail at no additional charge. (In USA only)

Tract Racks are shipped FedEx Ground at no additional charge. (In USA only)


What is the Return and Refund policy?

The Return and Refund policy can be seen at the following page (


Can WVBS printed notebooks be copied?

Notebooks can be copied from the printed copy and the electronic copy for personal study and for use in Bible classes. Notebooks cannot be copied for resale or for mass redistribution. All copies must give WVBS credit as its source.


Can the WVBS Course Notes or Electronic Notes be copied?

The Course Notes files can be copied over to any device owned by the registered user. However, they cannot be given electronically to anyone else, including shared or uploaded online. Printed physical copies of the material can be made for personal use and printed in any number for class use. These printed copies cannot be sold or mass redistributed. All copies must give WVBS credit as its source.


Yes, if you need any help doing this please contact us. Would your congregation benefit from an online evangelism tool? Read details about the “Searching for Truth Online Evangelism Project” designed to directly benefit your local congregation’s evangelism efforts

Also, to be of assistance to our friends and customers who would like to link to the WVBS video websites,,, and, we are providing good quality thumbnail buttons that can be used as linking buttons on websites, blogs, and Facebook pages.

You can find the button images, links, and instructions on the following page:


Why do I have a problem playing DVDs on my computer?

The DVDs WVBS produces are DVD-Rs and some computers will not play DVD-Rs well. Some computers do not have the processing speed to play some DVDs. If you have a question about this try to play the DVD on a DVD player to determine if the problem is with the DVD or the computer.


Can Searching For Truth DVDs be put on our church website?

Yes. We do, however, suggest that you contact us that we might help you with an easy method of playing SFT on your church or business website.


Can our Church put Searching For Truth and other WVBS programs on our local television station or cable company?

Yes, but some television and cable companies will require an authorization letter from WVBS because the material is copyrighted. Please contact us if we can help you with this.


What type of business is WVBS?

WVBS is a Texas non-profit, tax exempt corporation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. You will receive a receipt for your tax exempt gifts.

World Video Bible School is a registered trademark and is also used as and


The copyright of WVBS material is for the purpose of keeping unauthorized copying for resale and for other undesirable uses. Some of the materials within WVBS material is also copyrighted by others which we have permission to use. WVBS is thankful to all of the teachers who have granted WVBS permission to use their materials.


What is the best care and storage of DVDs?

Always store DVDs on edge, not flat. Keep the DVDs in a dust free environment. Do not store in high heat or direct sunlight.


Is there a recommended curriculum schedule?

Yes, the following link will provide a course schedule and associated credit hours through the WVBS School:->Curriculum Schedule



WVBS exists to serve the church through producing resources that Christians can utilize. WVBS is not under the oversight of a congregation or eldership but is under the direction of a board of directors composed of godly men who individually serve as preachers, elders, and teachers within the Lord’s church. Since many of the physical resources are sold, WVBS stands on its own rather than as a direct work of a congregation. 

It is our conviction, based upon the study of God’s word that we have authority, from God, to engage in any occupation which does not violate His will.  For example, since it is acceptable to God for Christians to combine their efforts and operate a business independent of the church, such as a religious book store or a publishing company, it is acceptable for WVBS to exist as an independent business producing video and written Bible study materials to sell or distribute.

We want to assure everyone our goal is the same as it has always been, to serve God and His people by doing His will to the best of our ability.  We are committed to continue producing and distributing excellent quality, scripturally sound, inexpensively priced Bible study material on video and the written page.  We have a genuine desire to glorify the Father, His beloved Son, His word and His blood-bought church and not to glorify ourselves or any other men!

If WVBS were to ever dissolve, the incorporation documents require that all of the assets, including cash, be distributed to faithful Churches of Christ.  It is illegal for any of the board members or employees of WVBS to receive any WVBS assets.