WVBS Staff: We, the volunteers and employees, are standing by to help you in any way we can.


Virginia Guess serves as Office Manager and online store management. She helps to oversee the processing of orders and customer database, and product catalog.

Sharon cain is the Accounting Manager and handles both the internal accounting needs as well as the variety of transactions with customers and vendors.

Mary Ann Morales is a Customer Support specialist, helping customers and supporters find what they need and completing their orders.

Josha Gooch is our Shipping Manager handling the product fulfillment. She also serves as Registrar for the Online Bible School, and helps in proofing of various materials.

Michael Fehmer is the Assistant Manager, with various duties including managing the Church of Christ Donation Fund (CCDF). Michael is also an American Sign Language Interpreter helping to produce WVBS video content into ASL.

Joel Lloyd is Customer Support and Purchasing Assistant, providing help for customer inquiries and processing purchasing orders for in-office needs.

Mat Cain is our Videographer and Video Production Manager. He oversees all pre and post video production for our video projects. Mat also produces the majority of artwork for our projects.

McKenna Putnam works as a Videographer and Editor. She helps in the production of video programs, and then in post-production for art and video editing.

Bethany Bender is our Graphic Designer, developing informational resources in print and online to promote the resources. She also serves as Video Assistant, helping in the studio.

Aaron Patterson is our IT Manager, overseeing the technology needs of the WVBS office, as well as the online resources.

Ty McClellen is IT Assistant serving to support the operations of WVBS, especially in its media distribution needs.

Wesley Owens is the Marketing Manager, where he coordinates the promotional and marketing efforts to increase awareness and distribution of WVBS resources.

Tom Genduso is our Project Manager, helping maintain organization, efficient workflows, and seeing projects to completion. Tom generously serves as a full-time volunteer.
Branyon May serves as General Manager, overseeing operations across departments of projects.

Rudy Cain is one of the co-founders of WVBS and serves as a volunteer and CEO, and is a full-time volunteer

Online Bible School Staff

Russell Haffner is the Director of the Online Bible School (school.wvbs.org), where he helps to manage one of the largest in-depth Bible schools in the brotherhood.

Al Washington is an Instructor and Student Facilitator for the Online Bible School, helping to teach students around the world.

Rafael Ramirez serves as Instructor and Student Facilitator for the Online Bible School, where he works to evaluate student progress and understanding.
Marlon Retana is the Director of the Spanish Bible School (spanishbibleschool.org), which is currently in the process of building the full curriculum in Spanish.

William Chen is the Director of the Chinese Bible School (chinesebibleschool.org), which is currently in the process of building the full curriculum in Chinese.

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