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Virtual Gospel Meeting Bundle

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This Virtual Gospel Meeting Bundle has many great uses! From using it as Bible Class material to gifting it to fellow members who have to stay at home, this bundle will make for a great, educational watch!

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Virtual Gospel Meetings

Crisis and The Creator

During these times of crisis, the normal schedules of daily life are lost. Forced to change schedules, consider priorities, and be concerned with health, causes many to experience fear, worry, anxiety, and hopelessness. These stressful times can also cause anger, frustration, and looking for someone to blame, Where is the Creator in times of Crisis? In this program, these topics will be presented, addressed, and considered in light of what the Bible has to say. Through this study you will gain encouragement, hope, and peace from the fullness of God’s Word. Bill Watkins, Don Blackwell, Kyle Butt, Jeff Jenkins and Wayne Jones address these topics in light of what the Bible has to say. It includes 9 lessons on 2 DVDs.

9 Lessons (~30 min):

  1. The Real Pandemic
  2. Danger of Fake News
  3. Worry and Anxiety
  4. Hope in Crisis
  5. Do Not Fear
  1. Overcoming a Crisis
  2. Life is Short
  3. Providence
  4. Peace in Crisis



The Crux of the Matter

The world in which we live makes many demands on our lives. Which are the most important demands, and which should we ignore? The Bible provides a clear focus for the Christian’s life, helping to understand what to do and why. Join Bill Watkins in looking at “The Crux of the Matter,”  which includes 7 lessons on 2 DVDs.

  1. The Crux of the Matter (35 min.)
  2. Crossing Your River (26 min.)
  3. Why Do You Do What you Do? (31 min.)
  4. How Great Is Our God! (29 min.)
  1. Grace (26 min.)
  2. Coming Home (25 min.)
  3. What Happens When You Die? (30 min.)



Preparing For: HEAVEN
Are you prepared for heaven?

In traveling the road of life, Christians are faced with everyday issues that can trouble their minds. In this six-lesson, Gospel meeting program, Don Blackwell deals with challenging issues to help us prepare for heaven: Overcoming Negativity, Dealing with Anger, Where Do We Go When We Die? and more.  This DVD includes 6 lessons on 2 DVDs. Over 3 hours of material!

6 Lessons:

  1. Are You Going to Heaven? (35-min)
  2. Do Miracles Exist Today? (26-min)
  3. Overcoming Negativity (24-min)
  1. Dealing with Anger (27-min)
  2. Where do we go when we die? (39-min)
  3. Why are there so many churches? (31-min)


Abounding in Hope

Struggling to Find Hope?

In a world ravaged by a pandemic, division, and darkness, it can be hard to see any reason to cling to hope. In this 7-lesson series,  Bill Watkins explores how God offers abundant hope even in the most trying times. This DVD includes 6 lessons on 2 DVDs.

6 Lessons:

  1. Abounding in Hope? (30-min)
  2. Life Beyond the Ordinary (30-min)
  3. A Hand in the Darkness (29-min)
  1. What Can the Righteous Do? (25-min)
  2. Inside Out (35-min)
  3. The Church and God’s Eternal Purpose? (30-min)